Featured in Modern In Denver

I’m baaaaaaaacckkkk!! I’ve had a wonderful holiday! And a wonderful holiday away from the computer! Yep! But at the same time, I’ve missed blogging and am excited for a new year and more fun things! Like….

Having my photography featured in Modern In Denver’s Winter Issue!


They wrote a great piece on Modern quilting and Gee’s Bend. For the article on Gee’s Bend they used my trip photos of the The Gee’s Bend Quilt Mural Trail.



The magazine is pretty cool. I actulaly found some images in the magazine that are inspiring some quilt design ideas….

The Magnetic Bookmark, again….

This might look familiar to some of you… The magnetic bookmark is actually a tutorial I did to share with my pal Jenny at The Southern Institute. Today I am reposting it here on my blog as well.

And….  Oh, my!! I’m so excited! I was just looking over at The Long Thread for something and ended up re-reading her post on the Top 100 Tutorials of 2011… And my bookmark made the cut! I’m so honored! I love The Long Thread! Wow! I don’t know how I missed it the first time I read the list. But I was just looking and noticed she listed a magnetic bookmark so I went to look closer and noticed that she was linking to Jenny’s blog and I knew it was my tutorial!! ahhh… LOVE IT!

Today I wanted to share my tutorial on a magnetic bookmark. I saw something similar and in good Feelin’ Crafty fashion, I said, ‘I can make that.’ So here it goes!

Step 1: Materials:Scrap Fabric Sew-In Magnets (or any magnets will work really, but I like the sew-in ones) Scissors and/or Rotary Cutter Thread

Step 2:Make the front and/or back. For mine, I did a patchwork side and a one piece side. So Step 2 is to set up the patchwork side. Lay it out and sew it together. So if you want to do the patchwork piece, this step is for you. If not, it’s kinda like the choose your own adventure books (remember those as a kid??) move on to Step 3.

Step 3:Cut the front and back sides to both be 2.5” by 6”.

Step 4:Sew pieces together, right sides together, leaving about a 1” hole.

Step 5:Trim the corners and pull the ends through.
Step 6: Now that it’s right side out, iron the seams flat.
Step 7: Insert the magnet. I try to keep it on one side of the stitch allowance so that it fits down at the bottom just right. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you have your magnets facing right before you sew it closed! You don’t want the magnets to repel each other, because that won’t help you save that special page you were reading.

Step 8:Topstitch. Another tip… The magnets liked to attach themselves to my sewing machine and not let the ‘teeth’ pull the fabric through. So I try to remember to hold the magnet up a little bit as it gets close to the metal teeth on my machine. So, if you are using the sew-in magnets, the magnet will be sewn in while you are topstitching. If you have a regular round craft magnet, you’ll want to also topstitch just above the magnet to keep it in place.

Step 9: Wahlah! You’re done! Turn off the sewing machine and pick up a book. You will no longer have to try to remember where you left off!
Has anyone else made one of these bookmarks?? A group of local moms in my neighborhood have formed a book club, so I’m frantically trying to actually finish one of the books on time! But even if I don’t finish the book, I always know where I am since I have my handy bookmark!
Shared with these link parties!

Featured on Craft Gossip!

I’m on my way to becoming a world-famous quilter!! hehehe! I’m so excited to have had my Row Row Row Your Boat Quilt featured on Craft Gossip yesterday!


This week on Project Quilting the theme is ‘Tools’! I have no idea where to go with this one… Any ideas?? Actually, my husband and I came up with a couple of ideas, but I’m not sold on them yet…. hmmmm…..

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season where ever you might be and whatever you might belive!

I’m going to start this post by taking a peek at some of my favorite projects from 2011.

Curious George Dressed Up Like A Monster, Project Organization, Halloween Paper Cut

Magnetic Bookmark, Pillowcase Dresses, Dr Seuss Party

Winter Paper Cut, Monster Towel, Fabric Flower

I decided to start by looking back because I needed a little end of the year boost….

Should I make a New Year’s resolution??? I don’t know! My life is so up in the air right now! I don’t know what to do! I’ve been looking for a job, not very intently by any stretch of the imagination. there aren’t many jobs out there for my profession at the moment. Here’s my dilemma… Do I take this opportunity to make my sewing, or crafting, or photography my new profession? I’m grappling with a huge confusion over what to do, how to do it, how to plug in…. I see so many wonderful bloggers writing books, having huge blogs that generate an income (Or a bit of an income anyway), being featured on TV and in magazines and just in general making it by making their creative spirit work for them, and I’m not… So after having said all this, I am taking this time off from work to enjoy my family and my creative spirit! So maybe my first New Year’s resolution should be to take that huge leap of faith to try something different…

image via Dear Musketeer 

I’ve been reading a bunch of other end of the year posts and what I have found the post interesting is despite everyone’s beautiful blogs and happiness that oozes from our daily and weekly posts, not everyone has had a great year. But a lot of us don’t blog about the things don’t make us smile in our personal lives. Yes, I’m sure plenty of people do, but the blogs I follow, you just don’t hear much about ‘those other’ things.

Then Yesterday I was in my end of the year blues and came up with a long list of pity party themes!! And I wanted to write a long blog post detailing everything that I didn’t do this year. I won’t bore you with the details…. Athough for entertainments’ sake, I will tell you the broad range of themes I came up with to sulk about…. Some about blogging, some about my unemployment status, some about my parenting skills, some about my life not being ‘exciting’ enough, some about my lack of architectural prowess, and just some random things….

Luckily for us all my brain just kicked itself in the arse and by the end of the evening I was making fun of myself for some of the thoughts I had!

Then today 2 things happened! I decided to sit down and look at my blog and pick my favorite projects! And secondly, I read this blog post by decor8 about listing your accomplishments rather than your to do list or resolutions that didn’t get done…..

One of my pity party themes was about blogging and being featured on thier blogs. Then I realized, (as my son says) ‘WHAT????‘, I had a great year! And part of that was being featured on other blogs!

My Owl Barn, Prudent Baby, Sugar Bee Crafts

Madigan Made, Freshly Pressed, Stitch Steals

Celebrate the Boy, All the Dragon Wings made by readers and more, The Southern Institute

Thank you, a huge thank you, to all those that featured me and those that made my dragon wings! And thank you to all my guests this year. And lastly, but not the least for sure, thank you to all my readers! You’ve helped make my blogging and crafting/sewing year a success!

image by Drew Melton of The Phraseology Project via Twig and Thistle 

Winter PaperCut Tutorial at Sugar Bee Crafts

Yes, I did it again… Another 3D papercut… If I do say so myself, I really loved how my Halloween one turned out so I just had to make another one!

One’s black and one’s white… Do you know the other difference between the two??? This one has a tutorial! Wanna make one for your family?

Check out the full tutorial over at Sugar Bee Crafts today.

I love the glitter once December rolls around and this papercut  is complete with glittery ornaments on a woodland tree!


Also shared with these parties!

Guest Posting at Prudent Baby Today!

The other day I posted about the Germ Drops. (Used them again this morning and got some more germs taken care of!) I was totally inspired by the Prudent Baby Monster Spray, so I emailed the ladies to show them. They liked it so much they asked me to guest post to share the Germ Drops on their blog!

Yes, I always blush when I’m featured somewhere, but this time I’m glad I was sitting down when they asked to share via a guest post!!!

Thank you Prudent Baby!

Featured on Stitch Steals and a Giveaway!

I’m so excited!! Yes, that warmth you feel is my blushing… I’m being featured again today!

Sorry, the regularly scheduled Friday Link Love has been interrupted and will pick back up next Friday…

Today I’m being featured over on the Stitch Steals blog.

Do you know about Stitch Steals??? I’m in love…. Stitch Steals is a deal of the day type site, but just for us sewing types! Everyday there is a new deal, a lot of fabric, some books and some really cool tools! And typically the products are 50% off, sometimes more, but rarely less.

I signed up for their alerts a little while back. And they have had some really awesome fabric, but I’ve never bit the bullet and bought anything. I’ve just been a lurker…

Until the other day. They had some great fabric that matched Christmas colors and I jumped on it…  Love the bright green and blues!

The service and speed with which I got my fabric was awesome! I also recently ordered something form another sale site (I won’t mention any names), but I had forgotten I had even ordered it by the time it got to me! And the fabric looked just as good in person as online. And great quality to boot! I’m sooo excited. Now I keep trying to convince myself that I need all the fabric that they are offering…

And then I thought, I should spread the word about this website and they graciously agreed to share a

$25.00 Dollar Gift Card to Stitch Steals

with one lucky reader!!!

And then they told me how much they liked I’m Feelin’ Crafty and wanted to feature me! ahhhhh…. Lovin’ It!

Ready to WIN? You have FIVE ways to enter! And be sure to come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry!

1) Subscribe to Stitch Steals email alerts and tell us if you have a favorite sewing notion or fabric designer !

2) Become a fan of Stitch Steals on Facebook.

3) Become a fan of Feelin’ Crafty on Facebook.

4) Subscribe to Feelin’ Crafty. 

5) Share the Giveaway on your blog.

Winner will be chosen on Wednesday morning, August 10th, 2011.

Winner will be chosen using random.org.


Update 8/10- The Giveaway is now closed!

PS… This review was purely self-initiated. I received no free goods or compensation… I’m just truly excited and wanted to share!!


Magnetic Bookmark Tutorial Over at The Southern Institute

Hey there! Today I’m guest blogging over at The Southern Institute!

Be sure to check it out and check out my magnetic bookmark tutorial!

Check me out on Madigan Made today!

Very Cool! Remember the monster towel tutorial I did?

madigan made feature button

Well, it’s being featured over on Madigan Made today! Check out her blog while you’re there. There’s some other really cool tutorials to check out! Thanks for featuring me, it’s an honor!

Starting next week, we’re going to have some party fun! So be sure to check back (or subscribe!)


I Feel Like a Rock Star!

Wow, today I had the most views ever on my blog. I got excited when I saw the stats pass 200 and then move to 400 views. But I ended up with over 1,700 for the day. That might not be much for a lot of blogs, but….

 That’s a Feelin’ Crafty record!

Thanks to everyone for all the awesome and fun comments. It was so exciting to read all the comments and see all the ‘Likes’ come in. I have to admit it was hard to concentrate at work today.  Comments and ‘Likes’ from all over the world, from here on the west coast of the USA to the east coast and all between, to Pakistan, China, England, Australia and more!

And I was featured on the WordPress Homepage’s Freshly Pressed…

What a Happy Day! Thanks again everyone!


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