4th Quarter Finish -a- Long List

Well, last quarter I finished 2 things on my Finish-a-Long List. I’m hoping to finish more than 2 this time around! Here’s to the 4th Quarter Finish-a-Long with The Littlest Thistle…


I like having a list of things to do! Well, I mean, I like making lists. Some days I wish I didn’t have a list!


And I totally missed the deadline on the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild’s Modern Metallic challenge, but I still want to do it! This one was on my last list, but it’s still not a top priority. We’ll see!


I did start this gnome quilt right before my machine took it’s nosedive. And it was on last quarter list. It wouldn’t take much to finish, so I’m hoping to get it done this time!


I really want to finish my husbands quilt…. And I’m still trying!

The other two at the top of my list are tree quilt I started about 4 years ago and a memory quilt… Oh, yeah and there’s the teacher totes…

What are you going to finish this time around?

Michael Miller Petal Pinwheels Challenge

This summer our local Modern Quilt Guild took on the National Quilt Guild challenge, hosted by Michael Miller fabrics using their Petal Pinwheels line! I love the line! very much….


And I decided to make place-mats! Do you remember the place-mats I received in a swap last year? We love them and use them all the time. So I wanted more. The colors in this line coordinate with the ones I received, so that helped nail me down on what exactly what I was doing for my challenge project. She used a mix of paper piecing and improv, so so did I!


We were all given this adorable tiny little bundle of fabric! Like I said, I love the fabric…. BUT…. I decided to cheat. I love the fabric (did I mention that?), but I didn’t want to buy more new so I used my stash of low volume. One of the rules was that you can only add in any solid or Michael Miller printed fabric. My low volumes are who knows what… Not necessarily Michael Miller. (sorry).



The first one I did used a little paper piecing pattern I love made into a bigger block I made up, and mixed with a little improv! The paper piecing pattern is the little triangle pieces, called Mini Trajectory by Simply Cotton. It’s a free pattern on Craftsy! Go get it! So I made four of these little guys and then added in 1.5 inch pieces between the paper pieced pieces. Then just filled in with a bit of improv to get to my final size of 12 by 16 inches.




This one is similar to the first in that it started with a paper piecing pattern and then improv finished it off. This pattern is another free one from Craftsy. It’s another small one. I made 4 and put them together. It’s the 4 inch kaleidoscope block from Red Pepper Quilts. I quilted it based on the kaleidoscope and pulled my lines from that. But see that little circle from the center of a flower??? In hindsight I wish I had done the circle quilting on this one… (keep reading and check out my circle quilting!)



Place-mat 3. Squares on squares on squares. I started with itty bitty squares in the center, surrounded by squares twice as big as the middle and then on the side, 2 more squares that are twice as big as the middle sized squares! Wow, that felt like a long sentence! I was going to use this one to practice my free motion quilting, but got scared and stuck with lines…. One thing we really love about the swap place-mats is the free motion quilting…



The last one is my favorite and my husbands! I think it’s the contrast… Again, a bit of paper piecing with improv! This pattern is a free pattern from Wombat Quilts, the Star String Paper Pieced Pattern. I did have to scale the pattern down a bit. The pattern makes a 12 inch block, but I needed a 10ish inch pattern. Then I did a sort of log cabin around it. And here comes the circle quilting! I’ve been seeing a lot of it around the quilting world lately and I wanted to give it a shot. Love it!


And then we had a tester! They work! When I first received the place-mats, I didn’t know if I’d be able to use them. They were so pretty! But once you take plunge, you’ll do it too! Make your own place-mats!!!

You can check out the national winners of the challenge here.

And this is my first finish in the Third Quarter Finish-Along!! Can I finish anything else on my list???

Dry Erase Notebook Tutorial

A few months back a co-worker got a dry erase notebook and I thought it was genius!! She had gotten it through a kickstater fund, but it was more money than I wanted to spend. And it was bigger than I wanted… So what did I do… I made some that were just right for me and my son!


I love making lists. A friend at work teases me about my lists! I love making them crossing things off and adding new. But then my list gets messy, so I have to start over… This is where the dry erase comes in! I can make my lists and erase and add new to my hearts content, without wasting paper or wasting time making a new one! Perfect!

And the other perfect thing about my book…. It cost me about 4 bucks instead of 30!!! So I’ll show you how I made it!


Gather materials! The secret is Dry Erase Poster Board! I found some on clearance, but a full size sheet is only 2 dollars. You’ll also need a couple inches of velcro, some posterboard (I used a decorative folder) for the covers, a piece of clear vinyl and some double stick tape. I guess I should say that mine only cost a little less than 4 dollars since I had the majority of materials and that doesn’t include the markers!


First, start cutting.  The Dry Erase poster board is 22 x 28 inches. My notebook is about 5 x 7, so I cut my pieces 7 x 11. One piece of Dry Erase poster board will give you 8 pieces. But! Wait! You also need a piece that is 6 x 1.5. This piece needs to be cardboard, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be the Dry Erase. You could also use a piece from your cover cardboard to make the most of the Dry Erase poster board.

I cut the pieces 7 x11 so that the pages are actually 5.5 x 7 to give some extra room for binding the edge.

You’ll also need to cut your vinyl into a 5 x 16.25 inch strip.


Then fold each of your sheets in half. (Sorry about the bad lighting…)


Next you want to tape each of the sheets together. I added double stick tape to the top and bottom of each page pretty close to the edge. The I also added another piece along the cut line, but I moved this in a little bit so it wouldn’t interfere with the binding.


Then come the marker bag piece! Sew on the velcro. Close to one end and then about 1.5 inches from the top of the other end. Be sure that you face the velcro in the right direction so that when it folds over it actually attaches!


For this step, poisiton the cardboard kinda centered in the marker bag and then fold over so the velcro secures. Put a little slight fold in the top. You’ll sew along the outside edges from the fold at the top to the bottom. DryEraseNotebook-Step6-ImFeelinCrafty

Cut your cover and back cardboard. You’ll need (2) 5.5 x 7  inch pieces.


And lastly, take to Office Depot or something similar and have the binding put on it. Be sure to take it with the markers in it so that you get the right size binding. But then take out the markers before the people actually the binding punches!


And you’re done and you have an awesome coloring book for the kiddo or a nice neat list taking machine for you!

Community + Family Day at the Frye Museum

If you’re in Seattle this weekend, this is for you! Well, should I say if you’re in Seattle this weekend with kids (or even a kid at heart maybe), this is for you! This weekend, August 2nd,  is the Frye Museum’s  Community + Family Day. It looks like a ton of fun!


This event is FREE and will be attended by the artists involved in our current exhibitions, Your Feast Has Ended and The Unicorn Incorporated. Perfect for getting to show meet the artists and exposing the kiddos to so much fantastic art!


The museum is working to make sure that kids have access to arts and crafts through multiple points of entry. Throughout the day there will be live music, mural making, planting, fort building, breakdancing, storytelling, and more. I wish we were in town, because I know the kiddo would love the break dancing part!


Be sure to check out the rest of the Frye’s SUMMER 2014 FOR KIDS + FAMILIES
Fridays, August 1 and September 5, 11:15 am
Small Frye: Storytelling in the Galleries
Small Frye for the summer! Classic and contemporary children’s stories are brought to life in the Frye galleries for children three-to-five years old. FREE

Sunday, August 2, 11 am–4 pm
Community + Family Day
Build a fort, plant a garden, learn to breakdance, take an improv class, and more! A day full of educational and fun activities celebrating the work of artists Curtis R. Barnes, Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Nicholas Galanin, and Nep Sidhu. FREE

Friday, August 22, 11:15 am
Snap! Shows for Kids
Back by popular demand! Show Brazil is an interactive live performance of bossa nova, Brazilian pop tunes, and original compositions written and performed by Eduardo Mendonça.

Have fun!!


All images provided by Frye Art Museum.

A Fundraiser for Enchanted Makeovers!

What did you do when you turned 40?? I’m not sure what I’m going to when it happens (which is way sooner than it seems like it will be). Do you follow my friend Jenny’s blog, The Southern Institute? Well, she just turned 40 and is using her milestone as motivation to help others! 
Help me reach my goal of raising $1000 for Enchanted Makeovers this month at http://bit.ly/enchantedmakeovers.
If you could help a battered, abused woman get back the hope that was stolen from her, you would do it, right?  Guess what?  YOU CAN help by donating to the Enchanted Makeovers fundraiser with me. Jenny just turned 40 years old this month and created a fundraiser to give back to women who are hurting and need our help.  Most of us are so fortunate, aren’t we?  We have families who love us, homes to take care of, food on the table, jobs to go to, or we choose to stay home with our children because we can.  Can you imagine not having those gifts in your life?  I remind myself daily not to take them for granted.  There are so many women out there who have been hurt and have no choice but to depend on the kindness and generosity of strangers for their needs.  We can help! 

‘Since 2007, Enchanted Makeovers’ mission has been to transform homeless shelters for women and children into places that inspire behavioral and psychological change. Through our various projects, mentoring programs and makeovers of the physical space, women and children are introduced to a way of thinking that helps to shift their outlook about their lives and possibilities for the future. The shelter is transformed into a “beacon of hope”. Mentoring programs such as the“Sacred Sewing Room”, “Stepping into the Dream”and “Capes for Kids” develop important life and coping skills.’- via Enchanted Makeovers



There are only ten days left in Jenny’s fundraiser, and she’s far from her goal of raising $1000 dollars.  Please consider giving whatever amount you can.  It would mean so much to the women AND children who benefit from the services that  Enchanted Makeovers provides.  And I don’t mind begging… because it’s not for me, it’s for someone much less fortunate who needs our help.  PLEASE give today and think of the hope that you will be bringing to another woman who needs it desperately.
Let’s make Jenny’s goal happen! Thanks for your help!


Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the States!


And happy July 4th to all my non US friends! Just in case you need a break, you can celebrate with us!


This year we headed out with some friends. One day we were sneaking around the dollar bins at Target and found the red, white and blue pails. I knew exactly what I was going to use them for! This year we’re headed to the beach with some friends and how fun would a little goodie pail be??


The kiddo and I found some goodies at Target and the Dollar Tree to fill up the buckets! We filled them with glow wands, flags, pin wheels and a funny pointer!


Be safe and enjoy the holiday!

And the ‘Gator Quilt Winner is….

Thanks to everyone for your everyone’s kind words about my first ever quilt pattern release! It’s been so fun!!

AlligatorQuilt Cover-sm



And Now to what you’re waiting for… The Winner is….

drumrollplease1 copy

And here’s my traditional drum rolllllllll……

Comment #24!


via Random.org

Yea! Lee! You’re the Winner!


And if you didn’t win it, don’t forget you can buy it! Here!

‘Gator Quilt Blog Hop- Wombat Quilts Sneak Peek

And we’re back for more ‘Gator quilting! In case you were following along, you might have noticed we missed a day. Unfortunately, yesterday’s guest has been pretty ill, so everyone please send your best thoughts her way!!

Finished Alligator quilt-Wombat

Today’s guest is new my quilty friend Cath from Wombat Quilts. She’s from Australia, but now lives closer to me in Portland! I can’t wait to get to Portland and meet her one day soon. Cath is a mater at paper piecing, so I had to ask her to join in on the testing of the ‘Gator. I love all the patterns she pieces! I was totally inspired by her neon pink quilt, that I have ordered neon blue…

the gator-Wombat

I’m so in love with Cath’s ‘Gator quilt! Did you notice the yellow teeth! I don’t know why I love them so. I love seeing the ‘Gator pieced with different fabrics by the testers! I’m not sure why I never envisioned this before, but I love it. Be sure to Cath’s blog to learn more!

AlligatorQuilt Cover-sm


June 10th- I’m Feelin’ Crafty

June 11th- A Quilter’s Table

June 13th- Marci Girl Designs

June 14th- I’m Feelin’ Crafty- showing off other Testers work!

June 15th- Made By Amanda Rose

June 16th- Wombat Quilts

June 17th- Wips and Tuts

June 18th- Shaffer Sisters

June 19th- Crafty Shenanigans

June 20th- I’m Feelin’ Crafty

Coming Soon!

Just checkin’ in! I’ve had this whole blog schedule written up for the first time in years, but then it hasn’t happened!!! I’ve been so busy and today I’m going camping…


Here’s a sneak peek for ya! Tons of stuff being worked on, don’t you worry! Ok, maybe you should worry… Too many pies in the oven! What do you want to hear about first?

And the Winner of the West Seattle Fabric Company Giveaway is…

Thanks to everyone for your interest in the West Seattle Fabric Company giveaway! If you are local, and I saw a few who were, you’ve got to stop by and meet Monica and see the shop. And if you’re not, bookmark her website for your next online fabric order!!!!




Now to what you’re waiting for… The Winner is….

drumrollplease1 copy

And here’s my traditional drum rolllllllll……

Comment #269!


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Yea! Wendy from NZ! You’re the Winner!


And thanks again to West Seattle Fabric Company for the awesome giveaway! Thank you!


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