A Fundraiser for Enchanted Makeovers!


What did you do when you turned 40?? I’m not sure what I’m going to when it happens (which is way sooner than it seems like it will be). Do you follow my friend Jenny’s blog, The Southern Institute? Well, she just turned 40 and is using her milestone as motivation to help others!  If […]

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The 10 Minute Bow Tie- A Tutorial


I loved the bow tie I made the kiddo back at Easter and I said I’d show you how I did it! So now I will! The kiddo loved his, but was playing with the first one I made him. And lost it at church that morning. So he asked if I could make another […]

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Preschool Auction! I Love a Party!


Last year, I had a great time decorating our preschool’s auction! Don’t be too surprised, but they asked me to do it again this year! The tree and the green above is our school’s logo. That is without the heart. The heart was added for the auction. I didn’t come up with the color scheme […]

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Third Quarter Finish-Along


ok, I’m doing it too. I’m joining the Finish-a-Long. I make lists. Do you make lists? I like making lists so I can scratch things off the lists when I finish something! And this is kinda like a list… (trust me, everything I”m showing you here is on my list!) So, I’ve been seeing a […]

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Designing with the Kiddo

Parade of Rhinos-ImFeelinCrafty

We’re at it again! The kiddo and I designed another fabric design for the Spoonflower weekly Design Contest! We had a great start and some fun feedback on our surf design (which is now available for sale here….) So we did it again! This week’s challenge is Rhino’s! The design didn’t come out quite like […]

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April’s do.Good Stitches Quilt from the Nurture Circle

14281048428_933be3a812_k copy

And here’s another one! This one is kinda funny to me, because it almost seems like the opposite of March’s quilt! I don’t really know why it seems this way to me, but it does. The blocks are totally different, but similar! I guess in the March quilt, more people used a darker center, then […]

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Happy 4th of July!


Happy 4th of July to everyone in the States! And happy July 4th to all my non US friends! Just in case you need a break, you can celebrate with us! This year we headed out with some friends. One day we were sneaking around the dollar bins at Target and found the red, white […]

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Nurture Circle of do Good Stitches, March Quilt

13786839575_4e59602d5e_z copy

It seems like it’s been awhile since I showed off one of our do Good Stitches quilts from the Nurture Group! This one was the dream child of our friend Carla from Modern Bias. I think it might have been the first paper pieced block our group has done! We used the paper pieced pattern […]

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FLIP This Pattern- Time to Vote!


Did you see the full post of my outfit yesterday? If not I have it here, but today I need you to VOTE for my look! Please! Voting is going on today and Saturday. That’s it, just two days! Like I said yesterday, I was super excited to participate in the series, but I was […]

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FLIP this Pattern!


Have you been following the Flip This Pattern series over at Francis Suzanne???   If you remember, I met these wonderful gals during our stint on Project Run and Play! I was honored when they invited me to participate in their fun series! And then when I saw the patterns, I knew exactly which one […]

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