A Pinwheel Quilt Square Tutorial

Whooo Hoooo! I’ve been a little absent from my blogging with my whole computer crash and trying to finish up my application for my Architecture License…. And I finally finished the application! About a year since I passed all my exams and got the go ahead to fill out the application. It was a pain, but it’s in the mail now, so I don’t have that looming over me every time I start a new crafty project!! Yea!!

And what’s up for today? A quick little quilt square tutorial! It’s pretty easy and I am kinda wondering if it even needs a tutorial, but I thought I give it a shot! I made the pinwheel square for the swap I just participated in, the Modern She Made Swap. Ha! All this time I’ve been calling it the Modern SHe Made Me swap, but it’s actually the Modern She Made Swap. Not exactly sure where the me came in… Anyway…

This square is a 5 by 5 inch square. There’s actually more applique than actual piecing for this one, but….

Step 1: (It’s kinda two steps in one, but bear with me!) Gather your materials, Fabrics, rotary cutter or scissors, pattern, buttons and some fusible adhesive. I use the Heat ‘n Bond, but there are others out there. And be sure to sue the one for sewing. If you get the heavier duty one, it messes with your needles, it’s too sticky! Next, iron on the fusible adhesive to the fabrics pieces you’re going to use for the pinwheel. You really only need about a 3×3 square of each fabric.

You can download the pattern here.

Step 2: Cut out all the pieces from the template.

Step 3: Sew the triangles onto the long rectangle ‘pinwheel stick’, using 1/4 seam allowances.

Step 4: Iron flat the triangles.

Step 5: Trim the ‘pinwheel’ stick square

Step 6: Sew the ‘pinwheel stick’ square to one of the other squares.

Step 7: Can you see it?? Maybe next time when I’m sewing with white fabric, I won’t use a white background….  Sew together two of the white squares.

Step 8: Sew the two rectangles together, lining up the middle seam.

Step 9: Iron on the two pieces of the part of the pinwheel. Align the corner of the pinwheel with the center of the four squares.

Step 10: Sew the pieces. I used a straight stitch, but a zigzag stitch that covers the edges would also work.

Step 11: Repeat steps 9 and 10, over and over and over! And if you’re making more than one square, repeat, repeat and repeat some more!

Step 12: Sew on the buttons. I quilted mine before adding the button, but you can do this before or after quilting. You decide! Either way, once that button is one, you’re done with the square!

What do ya think? Worth the tutorial? Or did you figure it out just by looking at it???

I can’t wait to get back to crafting!! I’ll have the tutorial for the whole cover coming up shortly!


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Modern She Made Me Swap!

I don’t know if I’ve even mentioned that I was playing along with the Modern She Made Me Swap… Do you do swaps? Do you have any idea what they are?? Well, I’m kinda new to them and I’m kinda, I mean, really loving them!

So here’s what I know about them. They are typically flickr groups of crafty/sewing people who sign up to make something awesome for someone else! There’s a Swap Mama that takes everyone that signs up and assigns them a partner. Some swaps you know who your partner is and some you don’t. I don’t know which way I like more… I kinda like being sneaky and not knowing which project is going to end up in my mailbox!! When you sign up you tell the Swap Mama what you like, what you don’t like, what colors you like, and what sorts of things you’d like to receive!

The Modern She Made Me Swap was the first one I’ve done. And it was a secret partner one! So once you’re in and the fun starts everyone starts posting pictures of fabric choices and pictures of their process. And since it’s a secret swap, you have to really play along and watch for the comments your partner posts. The tricky piece to the secret swap is you can’t ask your partner anything directly…. So you can ask questions when you post a picture, but then you just have to sit back and wait and hope that your partner comments…

I knew my partner loved bright colors, so I wanted to do something bright. Then the pin wheel design came to me. I posted my sketches and waited for the comments! When I took the pictures of my sketches, I laid them out on this yellow paper and thought it worked nicely together. The yellow became part of the sketch almost! And then part of the final piece.

In this swap, I was told what my partner wanted, but then I noticed she kept getting really excited about sewing machine covers, so that is what I decided to make! I was able to get her dimensions to make it. I’ve never wanted a sewing machine cover since my machine has one that I never use…. But after making this one, I now really want one!

The one I made is reversible, so the yellow part is quilted, but the underside, the bright orangey floral, isn’t quilted. The pin wheels are appliqued on a pieced square with the wand of the pin wheel. Check out the quilting! What do ya think? I tried to make it look like it was spinning off of the pin wheels… I actually really like it. Hope yall agree!

The other thing I learned about swaps… You don’t just send the main item. You send goodies with the main swap item. I’m glad I didn’t send first or else my poor partner would have just gotten a sewing machine cover. Luckily I figured it out in time and she got the cover, a charm pack, a pin wheel and pincushion, both that match the cover!

And the exciting part… Your gift showing up in the mailbox!! I was so excited today when I got my swap gift. It’s a quilted lightning bug pillow. Honestly, I’m not kidding when I say I was totally shocked. At first I had forgotten that I had one similar in my flickr favorites. When I did the Project Quilting, someone made a lightning bug mini quilt and I fell in love. I even remember running down to show my husband the picture of it! And the one I got today from my swap partner, Tiffany from This Crafty Fox, was just like that with colors that match our living room just perfectly!

Here’s a before and after…. We’ve had this pillow on the couch and chair for probably 4 years now. You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s a stain on it. Almost looks like it got drooled on…. Anyway… To many details?? Doesn’t the new pillow look soooo much more fun???

It’s just perfect! I love it! And I also got a cute little charm pack with gnomes, which I love!! We were just talking about needing another gnome for the flower garden. And my son loves the pillow, too. He’s convinced that I gave it to him (which I didn’t) and he keeps wanting to take it downstairs to his room… Um, it’s MINE, little buddy!

Thank you partner!!

I’m doing another swap now!! I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes! And stay tuned… I have a tutorial on the pin wheel quilt square and a tutorial for the machine cover coming!!

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Ellison Lane Quilts

Beach House Quilts

I’m not sure what happened to the end of last week! It just kinda flew by… So this weekend’s post wraps up my Southern Adventure series! We made it from the top of the state where I found the Steel Quilt Company, to the middle of the state for the Doo Nanny and Gee’s Bend, to the Gulf and our beach house where I crafted a Bear and his best friend Pear!

The beach house is a wonderful place that my Grandparents bought with friends back in the 50′s. It’s been such a happy place for us for so many years. I grew up going there and now my son is growing up with his summer trips to the beach house!

In the back is the shed where all sorts of things are stored! As we were packing to go (insert frowney, sad face here) my husband starting cleaning the shed a little bit to give us some more room to store things. Unfortunately the shed has become a home for more than our things, but also bugs and rodents and those rodents that look like cute little mice, but are bigger and not cute… I don’t even like to say the word, but I think you know what I’m talkin’ about….. YUCK! Anyway…. As he was cleaning, he found these great quilts!!

They are filthy (remember the big ugly mice….)! But beautiful! But unfortunately, they belong to the other owners… I’m thinking that they probably don’t want them since they have been sitting out in the shed unwanted for the last 30 or so years, but I left them there until I get the final word that they are truly unwanted. Then I’ll get them!!! I can’t wait for the final word to know if I can keep them or not.

You probably have caught on that I typically lean toward the more modern quilts… And I think I’ve mentioned that my husband leans more towards the traditional. Anyway… The thing that I love most about the red and white quilt is the ‘breaking down’ of the pattern. There are two spots where the red pieces are replaced with white and the pattern dissolves. I wonder what the maker of this quilt was doing at those spots. Did she run out of red? Was it intentional? We’ll never know…

What is it about the blue one that catches my eye… It’s a traditional pattern, but the placement of fabric and the lack of symmetry in the color selection is what grabbed my attention with this one!

But once I find out if I can have them, and I’m going with the idea that I’ll find out that I can have them, they will have to be cleaned. I’ve been studying up on exactly how to do this since they are so old and thought I’d share some helpful tid-bits and links about how to clean them.


vacuum First, if there are no beads. And when you are vacuuming, put a pantyhose over the suction or use a low suction vacuum. Another way to use a screen is to get fiberglass screen from the hardware store and lay it over the quilt before vacuuming.

If you don’t need to wash, don’t. Just airing them out gets a lot of the dust and smell off of them.

Hand wash and dry flat! Preferably wash in something where you can wash the whole quilt, opened and flat. Maybe a kiddie pool… This tutorial shows a quite interesting set up to do this.

I’m pretty amazed at The Colorado Lady’s tutorial on cleaning antique quilts. She does use the washing machine to rinse, but I’d be scared to use it on these old ones. Although she doesn’t show before pictures I can only imagine them before, but based on the after pictures I really want to try her cleaning recipe!

And the website I found most helpful was Hart Cottage Quilts article on cleaning quilts. have you heard of Orvus for cleaning quilts? I have seen it a lot, but wasn’t real sure what it actually is… They explain it in detail!


Do you have any cleaning tips for us? Which one is your favorite? the red or white one? This would have been a good 4th of July post with the colors of these quilts! I just realized that! Ha!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my Southern Adventures!  It’s been beautiful here in WA since we’ve been back. I guess it rained a lot in April, but we wouldn’t know since we were in AL! hehehe! We’re home and summer is coming. I look forward to sharing all sorts of new projects soon!

Gee’s Bend- A Giveaway!

All right! I’m still on a roll with my family’s adventures down South! I’m so excited about all the kind words about the Steel Quilt Company that I found and about the giveaway piece! The Doo Nanny was tons of fun… Our next art stop was Gee’s Bend! This week I can’t wait to show you what I found when I visited Gee’s Bend, Alabama. I had such a great time!! The husband and son… They were very sweet and patient. Honestly, they weren’t nearly as excited to be there as I was!!

And to kick off this week, I’m starting with a Giveaway for a little piece of Gee’s Bend. While I was there I couldn’t help but think about my blog and my readers and I picked up a little piece to share with you! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get ya a full on quilt ’cause they are slightly out of my price range… But I hope you like this little signed piece of Gee’s Bend quilting! I LOVE this potholder!

You can use it as a potholder… Or frame it, since it is a beautiful piece of textile art! It’s up to you!! One thing I loved about everything in the Collective is that each piece is signed and dated by the artist and stamped with their Gee’s Bend Collective stamp!

Ohhh, be sure to check back through the week for more from Gee’s Bend!

Ready to WIN? You have FIVE ways to enter! And come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry!

1) Leave a comment below telling us if you’ve ever been to Gee’s Bend and if you’re as obsessed with their work as I am! Leave one comment. (one entry)

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That’s 4 possible entries! You must comment on this post to win. The giveaway will close on Friday, May 25 at 5 p.m. PST. and I’ll choose one winner using Random.org.

This giveaway is for open to everyone near and far!

This giveaway is a part of Sew Mama Sew’s 2012 Spring Giveaway Day!

This giveaway is not sponsored by Gee’s Bend or any of the Gee’s Bend artists. This is a giveaway that was purchased by myself for my readers. To purchase your own piece of Gee’s Bend Art, please contact the Gee’s Bend Collective directly at 334-573-2323.

The Steel Quilt Company- A Giveaway!!

Yea!!! It’s a giveaway!!! Did you read about The Steel Quilt Company yesterday??

Well, Today it’s a giveaway! Yes, I already have one, but I really love this one too! Straight from Fort Payne, AL to you and you don’t even have to leave your home. Although, I do highly recommend a trip to AL!

Nathan graciously agreed to make one of my readers a VERY HAPPY STEEL QUILT OWNER! And it could be you!!

And if you didn’t read about them yesterday, be sure to check it out!


Ready to WIN? You have FIVE ways to enter! And come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry!

1) Leave a comment below telling us why you love it so! Leave one comment. (one entry)

2) Become a fan of The Steel Quilt Company on Facebook. Leave one comment. (one entry)

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That’s 5 possible entries! You must comment on this post to win. The giveaway will close on Friday, May 25 at 5 p.m. PST. and I’ll choose one winner using Random.org.


This giveaway is for US address only, sorry.


This giveaway is a part of Sew Mama Sew’s 2012 Spring Giveaway Day!

An Artful Trip Through Alabama!

Steel Quilt Company Giveaway is here!

We’ve been back from vacation for a little while now, but I’m finally getting to that part of my story! I’ve been excited to share some of our adventures in my Sweet Home Alabama. And a couple of giveaways (Stay Tuned!)….

A little history, if you’d like… My family (parents, grandparents, etc) is from Alabama, but I was born in Texas and then we moved to Bama on my tenth birthday. It was not an easy adjustment for me! And I have to admit, I never fully appreciated Bama until I left. I guess that’s partly being a teen-ager and partly that whole saying, ‘The grass is always greener on the other side….’ But once I left home, I knew I had something great back home! And honestly, it’s only been over the last 6 or 7 years that I’ve come to find how much amazing art comes from my home state!

And just in case you don’t know about some of it, I’m going to share it with ya over the next week or two! I hope you enjoy this little journey as well!

Ready??? Here we go!

We flew home, grabbed a bite to eat with my mom, drove to my dad’s house, spent the night and then we were off for a family adventure to the NE corner of Alabama. Where I went to summer camp as a kid! Mentone, AL! While in this area we took in a few caves and waterfalls, which were all beautiful! And so fun. Our first stop was Little River Falls in the Little River Canyon. Our first place to take our shoes off and put our feet in the water and sit in the sun!!! Which was very much needed after a Pacific NW winter!

Warning::: You might want to stop and put on some sunglasses, our white, white legs are a bit blinding!

My husband and I love old buildings. So while we were driving around, from falls to caves, we found this cool old factory building only to find out that it was an antique and art gallery. So of course we jumped out to see what was inside! The first thing I saw when I walked in was this really cool quilt pattern art made of metal and wood.  I loved it! But left it there.

We got back in the car and I googled the artist, The Steel Quilt Company. My husband was driving around the building and while I was trying to find out more about this artist, I happened to look up and saw their sign! Right there in the building! You can google anything,but man, pay attention to what’s going on around, because I would have missed it if I had stayed online!

On our way to Sequoyah Caverns I found some barn quilts! I was sooooo excited! I just learned about the whole barn quilt thing a few months back and they aren’t common in the South at all. So to see one, was very exciting. Even my husband was pulling over and pointing them out. But it was the only barn quilts we saw!

Now barn advertising, on the other hand, that was everywhere!

And Sequoyah caverns… AMAZING! Getting off the interstate and to the caverns was a bit like stepping into a world left behind, but that only added to the adventure. A bunch of rusted out and abandoned buildings and cars, but…..  The caverns were great! The best cave I’ve ever been too. And it was us, the tour guide and some bats. How cool is that???

So that barn quilt by The Steel Quilt Company… Literally, I kept thinking about it. And I kept bringing it up to the family. So the next day when I brought it up AGAIN, it was quickly decided that we’d go back for it. And that’s what we did. We went back and I got myself my favorite one!

Project Quilting- Challenge 6- Zig Zag

OK, this was another challenge that stumped me… not the zig zag part. I’ve got that figured out… The background of my Tool quilt was technically a zigzag quilt… But this is that part that stumped me, ‘Your challenge is to go beyond the basic zigzag quilt.’

I looked online at images of zig zag quilts and there are actually quite a few different ones. But then I thought about the quilts I’m obsessing about now…. The Gee’s Bend quilts! They are beautiful and it’s these quilts that got me into quilting in the first place! I used two inspirations from the Gee’s Bend Quilts, ….

The first one is a ‘Bricklayer’ pattern by Qunnie Pettway. The second two images show the little triangle areas that inspired my ‘zig zag’. These two are ‘strips and strings’ quilts by Mary Lee Bendolph. Both images come from the book Gee’s Bend The Architecture of the Quilt.  Well, I have to say, trying to make a quilt look as fantastic as these Gee’s Bend quilts are is not an easy task! This one that I did is growing on me, but it’s definitely a far cry from the magnificent Gee’s Bend-esgue look I was going for!

This is another purely scrap quilt. My idea was to not measure anything. just sew and trim as I went along. But as I was nosing through my scrap baskets I found a lot of already cut strips that I decided to you ahead and use!

If you’ve noticed… I’m a bit shy with my quilting. Typically I do the ‘Stitch in the Ditch’ technique, so all my stitches are in the folds between the pieces of fabric. But this time, I wanted to stay as far away from the ditch! And that I did! I let the ‘zig zag produce the quilting pattern.

I sketched out my design and asked my husband if he thought it was a zig zag and he shook his NO! But despite his opinion, I went with it anyway. He still is saying it’s not a zig zag, but to me, it’s my interpretation of  a ‘zig zag’ and I think it works. Actually, my husband really likes it, he’s just not real sure about the ‘zig zag’ meeting the rules of the quilting challenge!

And for the back I decided to do another experiment. Remember the other day when I showed the ways I hang my little quilts? Well, I had done this triangle corner technique on a little tiny one, but wasn’t sure if it would work no a larger size. So, I thought why not give it a try… And it hangs beautifully!

And that’s the end of Project Quilting…. Not the end of mini quilts for me, but it’s our last challenge for Project Quilting. And I’m bummed. I had such a great time doing this. I’m so glad that I did. I got to try out a lot of different things and design quilts that I might not have done if I hadn’t joined in. I can’t wait for the next round!!


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Ways to Hang Mini Quilts…

Since starting my adventure with Project Quilting, I’ve made the most mini quilts I’ve ever made… Ok, this was actually the first time I’ve ever made any mini quilts! I’ve always wanted to, but that was another thing on my To Do List. This has been so much fun!

But what am I going to do with them??? That’s what I’m not quite sure of… But I did figure that more than likely they will be hanging on a wall somewhere. so I experimented with different ways to hang them…

My first Project Quilting quilt, I didn’t actually do anything to hang it! I hadn’t thought the whole thing through yet… But I had started thinking more about it by the Second Challenge. For this one I made took a strip about 1.5 inches wide and almost the length of the quilt. Put a little hem on the ends, folded it over and then secured it in under the binding.

But when I hung it on the wall, the quilt rolled and the hanging piece shows over the top of the quilt….

So then we moved on to Challenge 3. Since this one was so small, I tried the triangle in the corner approach!

And I like it! It hangs well, but I’m not sure that it would work for any quilts much larger than this one.

For Challenge 4, I made this quilt to be shown either side, so again I didn’t experiment with hanging styles. I’m sure there’s a way to display a quilt from the front and back, but I don’t know what it is.  I mean you could use clips, but I don’t know how to incorporate it into the quilt…

The third times a charm they say, right?? For my Challenge 5 quilt, I tried yet another technique. My third technique… And so far it’s my favorite!  Like the first hanging technique, I cut a piece of fabric almost the length of the quilt and hemmed the ends. The difference with this one is that I sewed down one side with the first line of quilting. (So it works with the quilting pattern, but it might not work with all quilting patterns!) and then folded it over and pinned it so that the other edge of the hanging strip is sewn in under the binding.

Please excuse the binding details…. Pretend that’s a beautifully sewn corner detail!

It hangs great! You don’t see the hanging strip and it lays quite nicely!

What’s your favorite mini (or regular) quilt hanging techniques. I’m sure there’s a more detailed way to handle this decision, but I can only share what I know and this is it!

Project Quilting- Challenge 5- It’s Where I Live Castoff

Last week I showed you the Project Quilting Its Where I Live Challenge postage stamp quilt that I did. I called it ‘Rain’. This week, I made another one that I’m calling ‘Showers’. hehehe… get it? Rain Showers??? ha, I crack myself up!

Well, When I came up with that design, I also came up with this other design… My sidekicks (the husband and son) chose the umbrella one that I went with.

But I also really liked this other design…..

Then I saw Stitched In Color’s Scrap Attack Sew Along and my pile of scraps from the Rain quilt. And I thought about it and thought about it… And decided to make another little mini quilt from my scraps. I kinda miscalculated some of the colors for the rain quilt and cut a few extras…

Since I had some scraps and another design in mind, I thought why not?

Which one is your favorite? Rain or Showers?

Project Quilting- Challenge 5- It’s Where I Live

This week’s Project Quilting challenge was ‘It’s Where I Live’

Well, I live in Seattle in the Pacific Northwest that is known for the dreary wet weather. It’s also known as the Emerald City because of the lushness that we have (thanks to the rain..). And the Space Needle and the mountains and the water and all sorts of great things. But right now, I’m sick of the RAIN!! It’s also snowing like every other morning! Not much snow, but it’s still snow…. I’m ready for some warmth and real sun! My son keeps saying it is sunny. Poor kid! (He’s really a Seattle native) Yes, the snow is out, it’s just blocked by miles and miles of clouds. I want to see the actual sun! Ok, let me get on with it…

So obviously the rain is on my mind these days! So this week’s quilt is about the rain! I’m not such an umbrella kinda person. It rains too much here to deal with getting out an umbrella every time it starts raining! But my son LOVES umbrellas, so we’ve been using them a lot.

I’ve also been wanting to try a postage stamp quilt with all the little pieces, so I figured a small art quilt would be a good time to try it out. I used Oh Fransson’s tutorial on using the grid and interfacing to layout and sew together the pieces. If only I had kept reading past the part to cut open the seams…. Mine worked fine the way it was, but when I was quilting the needle didn’t run smoothly down the line. The only thing I can think of is that the fusible interfacing was kinda sticking to the needle. If I had ironed it flat like she did, I might not have had that problem… Anyway… I’m super excited about this technique. Such a time saver!

I was stressing for a few minutes about making my ironing/grid layout. But then I remembered my cutting area is actually a butcher board counter! It’s usually covered with my cutting board, so you have to forgive my bad memory! I just removed the cutting board and wahla, there’s the perfect spot for my grid and postage stamp ironing area. Yes, I did accidentally fuse a piece of interfacing to the grid! shhhh…..

The other rule for this week’s challenge was that you can only use 3 colors…

‘The color scheme for your project will be determined by where you live.  Take the first letter of your street, your city and your state.  I live on Bohling Rd, Poynette, Wisconsin.  So I have the letters B, P and W.  Now, choose colors starting with these 3 letters.  I could pick blue, pink and white.  Or boysenberry, persimmon, and wine. Or….  Choose whatever colors you like with these 3 letters.  You must use all 3 colors in your quilt.’

I live on 20th Ave S in Seattle, WA. My colors had to start with a T, S and W. I had to stretch the rules a bit on this one, so I headed over to the Crayola website and found their current color list….. The ones I choose were, Timberwolf Grey, Sky Blue and Wild Strawberry!

The other little thing I did on this one was make my own fabric design. I took pictures of my son with his umbrella and then edited them in Photoshop and printed on fabric!

It took me longer than planned, but all in all, I’m really excited about it!

Last night my son, keep in mind he’s three, was supposed to be in bed, but he came back in while I was finishing it and said, ‘I do like it, but there’s only one thing I don’t like. This right here (he was pointing to the handle of the umbrella) because the handle doesn’t really do that.’ That’s when I said, ‘Hmmm. Go back to bed!’ What a silly little stinker!

Although I didn’t quite finish this one on time, today is a very fitting day for this post. The weather outside was crazy! Woke up to snow on the ground and in the air, then rain, then sun, then dark dark clouds with hail, then snow, then sun, then dark dark clouds, then snow again (this time with accumulation), then rain. After that it was dark and I gave up on keeping up with the changes! Hope yall are having better weather than we are here!

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