I’ve been on a roll and all over the place!

Last week I made blocks for Max, finished his curtains (it’s only been over 9 months..), made him some shorts and made myself some sandwich bags!

Maddie 107

Maddie 113Maddie 116Maddie 118

I actually made two blocks.I took the pics before I had finished the other one!

And his shorts were super easy. Although, they are a bit big. The pattern was actually for girls capri pants, so at first they were a little short, so instaed of pants they became shorts! I started with a pattern and then used these great directions:

And my reusable sandwich bags made of randowm oilcloth that I had around the house…

Maddie 125

Maddie 126

 Update! Don’t use oil cloth for food safe bags. Bad chemicals….


  1. Random (?) oil cloth????????

    For some reason, I do not think I have any random oil cloth around my house!

    I know I do not have a CUTIE PIE like Max!
    But I wish I did!

    And I like the lunch bags!

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