Halloween Costume!

So first Max was going to be an owl. Then Joe and a co-worker suggested that he be Max from Where the Wild Things Are… So back went the materials I had already gotten for Max’s owl costume, and I got everything he needed to be Max.


Well… I had this bag in the attic that I had asked Joe to get down for me with the nursery things when Max was born. Joe couldn’t find it. So when he went up to get the Halloween decorations down, I asked him to look again. Sure enough there it was. What I was looking for and baby clothes that I had gotten for Max before he was born! And I couldn’t believe it, a Max costume!

Ok, maybe not exactly, but…. It was a hooded white pantsuit that actually still fits him. It’s a little tight, but it works for a costume. It had little glovie things on the arms, so I cut those into claws. I added claw feet, buttons, ears and a tail.  Max hated it! He really hated the feet! And there was something about the arms that was bugging him.

693682037_oct 108693682114_oct 113

So alteration part 1. I cut off the claws and made the feet smaller.

So today we had a playgroup Halloween party and Max wore his costume! For almost two hours without any fuss! Last night I had already been planning option two, in case this outfit didn’t work out!

And Halloween was a success!



  1. Max’s Halloween costume is the best…the pictures of him “hating” his costume are priceless! He should have won a costume contest hands down! He is just the cutest!!!


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