Other Christmasy Craftiness

I need to take more pictures of my decorations. I have made a wreath with Christmas balls. I was going to spray paint a bunch of ornaments to make match bright color scheme for this year. Actually I did spray paint some old balls, and it was a flop. For one it was freezing outside. Literally. Below freezing, so my fingers kinda froze… But it just didn’t turn out how I wanted. Anyway, back to projects that have turned out. Glitter Trees…. These are to go with my pink and silver glass trees that I found after Christmas last year. I want to make more….

And I made a Christmas tree skirt. Actually all I did was cut a big circle out of the green and reddish pink striped fabric. I want to edge it, but I haven’t yet and it’s under the tree.  And the last project so far are my own gift tags. Printed on recycled paper that I just happened to have around. The pictures are a bit yellower than the real things….

I am Loving the Fabric Bags!

I started getting presents wrapped that are going back east. And I am loving making the bags. They are so easy. And some of the fabric is from my recycled scrap pile! Joe thinks I’m being crazy, but it feels good to not be using paper! And hopefully the people that the bags go to will not throw them away….. He are some more!

And the Fabric Bag

So all year I have been planning on making drawstring bags. But then I stumbled across this tutorial the other day on how to make bags. Thier’s had a few more steps than what I did. I changed it a bit. (Thier’s were lined with the seams at the side. I’ll line some of them, but this one I didn’t.) But what I liked about it, was that they stitched the ribbon to the back of the bag. Here’s my first one for one of Max’s stocking stuffers!

Super Easy! Really about as long as it takes to wrap a present with paper. Love it!

Although I will still be using tissue paper in the presents…. 🙂

Fabric Wrapping

After last Christmas, my friend Kerry gave me the idea of wrapping presents in fabric gift bags instead of paper. I thought this was a great idea. So we got a bunch of Christmas fabric on super sale so that we can make these bags. The idea was that the bags are easy drawstring bags. Then all of a sudden I needed a gift wrapped and I didn’t have time to make a bag and I don’t know how to make a bow, so I remembered that I had seen something about a Japanese way of wrapping with fabric. Googled it and found that it’s called furoshiki wrapping. I love it! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am still going to make the bags. I have been thinking about it all year long, but I am in love with this wrapping technique. All I did was put a narrow hem in the fabric and tie it in a knot. Ok, I did have to watch a youtube video to figure out how to not have it look like crap, but after that tada! It really didn’t take much longer than wrapping with paper!