Backdrop Stand

I have a roll of black fabric that I use for taking pictures. But I haven’t had a stand of anything to put it on. I also have a roll of green fabric that I use to photograph da-a tis things, and again, same problem. So I decided I need one. And I could make it myself. So I started designing it out of PVC pipe. Then googled it. Tons of instructions on the internet! So, off to Lowes I went. Joe cut all the pieces. Sweet husband. Wednesday night he said he’d help me this weekend. But I wanted it on Friday. So Thursday night he helped cut! ahhhh… I measured it all out. Of course, I couldn’t just follow directions from the internet. I used that as a starting point and designed it myself! But…. I started gluing some pieces together, but not all of them, since it has to be mobile. I was building it as I went, thank goodness! Beucase it was way too tall! I couldn’t put the top piece on it myself because of how tall it was. In pops Joe again for some more cutting and walah! A backdrop. I took pictures if it while I was waiting for Joe to finish his video game before we shortened it a bit. But you get the point. There’s another bar across the top.

Ha! I just looked at the picture. The top rail is on, it just didn’t fit in the picture very well because it was sooo tall! 🙂

Total time, about an hour.

How to transport? The stand needs a bag. The next morning, I just happened to have some vinyl lying around and made a bag. the design didn’t quite work, so I have to add a little something to it. I’ll take a picture of that when I am finished with it. The bag is basically a 3′ tall present bag, minus the bow. Project time, bout 20 minutes!

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