More of my Christmas Crafts

So I love the bags I made. Already got fabric for more for next year.  And have already made bags for a baby present and plan to make bags for all presents! Hopefully people will recycle them and not throw them away…

Christmas stockings… So I was tired of the ones that we have been using and they didn’t fit with my color scheme. So I bought some huge ‘socks’ from Old Navy. Bright and colorful, cheap and fun. But then when I held them up with my other decorations they just didn’t go. Not fancy enough with my sparkly tree decorations. So… I made some. One night, I realized I had this old sample pillow that had been given to me in a bag of recycled fabrics in this great blue color. Perfect for the color scheme and perfect for the fancier look. But hat would only make 2. We need 4. Ahhhhh… I was just about to hand over the silk and beaded white fabric from the cake table at my wedding to my mom. What would I ever need that fabric for???? Stockings of course! And then in my pile I happeneded to have this lovely white soft fabric. Typically used for ghosties, but beautiful paired with my white pearl fabric! Down I go into my sewing rooma dn out I emerge with 4 stockings! Love them!

Mom was very impressed with the sentimental value of the reuse of the white pearl fabric!

And here are pics of all the sparkly trees I made in position. bad picture…


  1. The white pearl fabric has always been one of my favorite fabrics and it makes beautiful stockings!! I am lucky to have a piece myself!


  1. […] projects for your wedding. Perfect use of stash, IMO! I also used the beaded white fabric from our Chirstmas stockings I made ages ago! Nine years ago, actually! (excuse the horrible pictures if you click […]

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