Crafty at the beach!

Well, first off a thank you to my cousin Katherine who let me borrow her sewing machine. If I hadn’t had that I wouldn’t have been able to finish the quilt or do my other projects.

I made my first no iron project! I made a beach bag from an old tablecloth that we’d used for years at the beach house. And I didn’t iron it once during the project. I don’t think I’ve ever not ironed something while sewing! Oh, and yes, I put my Mom to work on this project as well. I had her sew the straps and top stich them while I pulled the strap right side out!

Then I made Baby Maci some blocks out of the extra quilt fabric that didn’t get used in the quilt. I had made a couple of test owls and was going to throw them away when another project came to mind. I can use these with the rest of this fabric for blocks. So that’s what I did. And to keep with the theme of putting other people to work on my projects, Aunt Jenn and Uncle Frank helped stuff the blocks while I sewed them closed!


  1. You are amazing and these are awesome!

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