More Quilts

Well, I’m almost finished with the second baby quilt. But I can’t post it until I’m done, or else the parents might see it!!!! 🙂 The piecing is done and I am very happy with it! Although a few pieces don’t line up like I want them to, so I am going to have to take it apart and actually pin it before I sew… (Something I try to avoid at all costs, but it has to be done here…) Then I just have to make a quilt sandwich and quilt it together!

But, my mind is also working on two other ones! I’m making a wedding present quilt and another baby quilt! I’m so excited about them. I probably shouldn’t post anything about the wedding one either, since they might see this. I think it’s going to be really cool!! But I can post about the other baby one because they rarely go online! 🙂

So the baby’s room is periwinkle, with green and brown. I am using recycled bed linens for the background color and the back of the quilt. So I found a nice purple color fabric that I thought would work. Not perfect, but close. Then as I was pursuing the rest of the choices I came across this great fabric with periwinkle, green and blue dots in this swirly design. It was perfect. It was the bright green I wanted to use. I wasn’t sure if the bright green would work with the periwinkle, bu then when I saw that I knew it would. But the purple I had didn’t quite match, so back to the purple department and what did I find, but the perfect periwinkle color that matched the dots!!! I can’t wait!

The quilt is going to be periwinkle with green grass at the bottom and dragonflies. The dragonflies will be made from fabric that friends gave at the Meet and Greet party! I’ll have to draw a sketch of it!

Too bad I have had to put sewing on hold to study.