Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 1

Ahhhhh, the elusive pillowcase dress! I’ve always wanted to make one of these, and now I can check it off my list. The only thing is that technically this isn’t a real pillowcase dress. So I can’t completely mark it off my list since I want to do it again some time and make a real pillowcase dress out of a pillowcase!

This one should more correctly be called a table runner dress. It started its life out as a table runner. I found the fabric at a thrift shop and wanted the green for a quilt I was designing. But once I saw the fabric with the great design on it I thought, little girl dress.

And here it is, in all it’s reclaimed pillowcase style dress glory!

 And on top of that I made it reversible! The other side isn’t quite as exciting, but it’s still kinda cute!

I’m totally obsessed with the KCWC and figured instead of just working on something one hour a day, which is the challenge, I’ll try to make one thing each day! We’ll see how that goes. So my first project was something I’ve been wanting to do for ages… The pillowcase dress.

I started with the pattern from the ladies at Prudent Baby. Since mine is reversible, I didn’t follow thier tutorial exactly, but… Very nice directions over there!

But to top it off, the first night of the challenge was also the first night of Dancing With The Stars, my (as much as Joe cringes when I say this) most favorite TV show! So I had to pack all my sewing stuff upstairs to watch. Now I have to pack it all back downstairs to work tonight!

Let’s see what tonight brings… Another dress? Little guy jeans???


  1. This is by far the cutest dress pillowcase or otherwise!

  2. I like it, a lot! The reversible color/pattern is the perfect compliment for the green front. Well done

  3. adorable dress!!

  4. these dresses are fabulous!

  5. Sheila Perl says:

    What a wonderful use for the table runner!! I make pillowcase dresses out of yardage and pillowcases, and now I’m going to check the runner section at my Value Village store! I sew a lot of dresses for charity through the Canadian groups and
    Thank you!

    • Glad I could inspire you! Those organizations sound great. I’ve also sewn them for a couple of other organizations like those. Some of the table runners are a little narrow for the dresses, except for the tiny ones!


  1. […] friend (my mother’s friend first) saw a pillowcase style dress, it was actually a table runner turned dress dress, I had done before and remembered some beautiful hand crocheted pillowcases that she had […]

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