Kids Clothes Week Challenge Day 3

Well, last night I didn’t live up to my expectations for the KCWC. I was working on two projects, the Postcards From The Gulf and the KCWC. So I’ll give myself a break…

The challenge is to work for one hour a night, and I guess I did do that. But I want to start and finish one project each night. That is each night after I get home, fix dinner (or take the family out to dinner), put the little guy to bed and then sew… Enough convincing myself of something, back the project…

This project is going to be a two-part project. Last night I added the robot applique to a t-shirt. This is a project I’ve been wanting to do for over a year now! The applique is actually from a baseball cap that we got for Max. For some reason we bought it too small and he never wore it, but I couldn’t just get rid of the cap because we loved the robot. So I cut the cap apart, aligned the two pieces of the hat and made an applique!

Part 2 will be making the t-shirt a long sleeve shirt for the winter using one of Dad’s old t-shirts that I raided from his Goodwill bag!

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