Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 4

Again, last night was a two project night. I finished up the art piece for the Postcards from the Gulf Benefit and finished transforming Max’s robot shirt from a short sleeve shirt  into a long sleeve shirt.

As I was sewing on the long sleeves, my husband looks over and says, ‘Not for nothing, but…’ Whenever he starts a sentence like that I know he’s wondering why I am doing what ever it is I am doing. So he continues… ‘Wouldn’t it be just as easy to buy another 3 or 5 dollar t-shirt???’  Well, dear, probably so, but…. I wanted to try this tutorial out and make something ‘new’ so that’s what I did!

Here’s part 2 of the robot t-shirt saga…

I used the tutorial from Make It and Love It for adding the sleeves. Super easy once you get the hang of moving it around in the sewing machine.

Tonight, back to the full on KCWC! hmmmm, what will it be??

Postcards from the Gulf

This is another project that I’ve blogged about before, but can now post the finished piece. Which I have to get in the mail, ASAP….

Postcards from the Gulf: An Art Benefit for the Alabama Coastal Foundation

“In creating a canvas from someone’s long-forgotten postcard, we provide a reminder that coastal animals and plants are in danger of becoming only memories, themselves.”- Val Webb, organizer

(Luckily the piece looks much better in real life. I’m not the best art photographer)

 My piece is a collage interpretation of growing up on the Gulf and visiting the wonderful beach house that my grandparents purchased long before my days! The collage combines images from my photography of our trip this year, before our beaches were hit with any of the oil. Oh, and the ladies from yesteryear are my husband’s mother and aunt. I wish I knew what number pier this one is. They blow away and get rebuilt over and over. What a fitting metaphor for what our environment is going through now.

Postcards from the Gulf – Gallery Night

Friday, Nov. 12 from 6-9pm

Room 1927

(the gallery next to the main entrance of the Saenger Theater downtown)

 On Oct. 12, the Postcards from the Gulf website will be activated to provide a preview of the collection and info on participating artists. I’ll post the web address when it is available. 

On Nov. 5, the Postcards from the Gulf website will enable online purchasing, and postcards may be purchased directly from the site. Pre-sold postcards will be marked with a small sticker during the gallery night, and out-of-town purchases will be shipped on Monday, Nov. 15.

 Postcards may also be purchased in person at gallery night.