Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Day 4

Again, last night was a two project night. I finished up the art piece for the Postcards from the Gulf Benefit and finished transforming Max’s robot shirt from a short sleeve shirt  into a long sleeve shirt.

As I was sewing on the long sleeves, my husband looks over and says, ‘Not for nothing, but…’ Whenever he starts a sentence like that I know he’s wondering why I am doing what ever it is I am doing. So he continues… ‘Wouldn’t it be just as easy to buy another 3 or 5 dollar t-shirt???’  Well, dear, probably so, but…. I wanted to try this tutorial out and make something ‘new’ so that’s what I did!

Here’s part 2 of the robot t-shirt saga…

I used the tutorial from Make It and Love It for adding the sleeves. Super easy once you get the hang of moving it around in the sewing machine.

Tonight, back to the full on KCWC! hmmmm, what will it be??


  1. Good to see I am not the only one sews at night : )

    • Yes, after the little one goes to bed is about the only time I actually have! Not the healthiest plan of action, since I stay up too late then have to go to work in the morning. But hey, you could kinda say I’m addicted to crafting and sewing! 🙂

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