Bought or Handmade??

I try handmade as much as possible, but today I had to have this conversation with myself in the store.

My son is going to be a fireman for halloween. What little boy doesn’t love a big red firetruck?? My son’s first halloween he was a month old, I bought a Halloween costume. Last year, I vowed that I would make his Halloween costumes until he truely protests the ‘Mom Made’ costumes… Last year he was Max from Where the Wild Things Are and absolutely adorable (if I do say so myself). I’ve started his costume, but haven’t finished it yet. So today I was at the store and I walked by the kids clothes to look at the toys on my search for the stuffed dalmation… (Yes, if I had thought about that earlier, I would have made that as well. And just sitting here I am thinking, I bet there’s an easy way to make one of those too….) And what was hanging on the Clearance Rack, a fireman’s jacket raincoat… Only one. His size. Marked down 60%. Do I buy??? Or do I go home and finish what I have started….

I decided, hey, just buy it. I mean, it’s there right on the edge of the rack. It’s yelling at me, ‘Here I am on, on clearance just waiting for YOU!’ I picked it up and debated some more with myself while looking for the dalmation. Then, in my opinion (I know some that might disagree with this thought!), I came to my senses and decided to stick with my plan.

Handmade With Love.

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