I Love the Yarn Wreaths!

My Mom was visiting recently and had a website address written down that she wanted to show me for a wreath. We checked it out and neither of us liked them. The wreaths were decorated for Football season, but with cheesy fake roses and silly dolls. Not to mention they were EXPENSIVE!

We both said, we could do that and we could do it for half the price.

But how would we do it??? A few days went by, Mom went home, I was driving to work and thinking crafty thoughts… How could I make a cool wreath for my mom. And it’s hard to believe the timing, but that morning there was an email in my inbox singing the praises of Take Heart’s yarn wreath tutorial. Hello??? Perfect!

Out I went for materials, wreath 2.50, yarn about 3.00, felt sheets 29 cents each, fabric for bow about 2.00 (if that much), football I had…. total project budget 9.00! Much better the $150.00 one online. It did take a little longer to wrap the wreath with the yarn than I thought, but it’s worth it. I love it. Thinking of Christmas wreaths….

My first (and definitely not last) yarn wreath shows the love for the University of Alabama football team. Although this weekend was not their most shining moment, we are not fair weather fans, so the wreath making continued despite the loss… 

I followed the tutorial, but made a loop in the back for hanging. Very excited and think Mom will be too!


  1. I just picked up all the “ingredients” to make myself one to! I’m glad you love it, can’t wait to make mine.

    I can see these much better than the other picture!
    Can’t wait to get it!!!!!
    Thanks so much!!!!!


  1. […] do love them! I’ve made a few in the past year or so, but these were football themed wreaths! Go Bama! RTR! And they were both gifts… This one is for […]

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