Helping Spread Crafty to Facebook

Nothing crafty today, just a new Facebook page for my blog…

I am totally relishing everyone’s comments on my art and craftiness! I can’t even explain how getting supportive feedback from family, friends and complete strangers is spurring my creativity! So I thought, why not set up other ways for people to see my things, comment and keep me motivated.

And not only that, I’ve found so many other awesome artists and bloggers online from comments on my blog and Facebook. The more the merrier!

The Like button is right over there… To your right…

And just to make it that much easier… Click the image below and away you go to the merry ‘old land of Facebook!

Thanks again for the motivation and inspiration!

Oh, great, you're leaving a comment!! I love reading comments!! Thanks for taking the time to share what's on your mind.

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