Quilting Firsts

A bunch of quilting firsts for today!

Firsts, biggest quilt yet is underway, first quilt with no measuring and very few parallel lines, first sew in, first log cabin piece!

Quilt #3 has started. … Being that this is my first BIG quilt, it’s intimidating, but the process of random cutting, no measuring or parellel lines is harder than I thought. 

A bit about the process… I’ve printed the design at full-scale (full scale on a bunch of letter size paper)  and taped it all together.  I’m starting with the tree applique first. If I could just keep going without stopping to think so much, I’d be way further along!

First Sew In with the Seattle Modern Quilting Guild. Very fun and I learned a lot in the 2 hours I was there. There were some really cool projects going on! Learned some tips for Quilt #4. And I got some great feedback on putting Quilt #3 together!

Made my first ever log cabin piece for a member’s baby blanket. (It’s supposed to be a little crooked.) Each block is a little off in it’s own way!


  1. Sorry I missed you at the Sew in, I only dropped by for a couple of minutes to drop off my baby block. I’m intrigued by your tree applique.

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