Kids Hooded Towel

Well this has been on my to do list for ages!! Hooded Towel- Check. I could check it off, except for the fact I’ll probably make more over the next few years.

Originally I started out to just make a plain ‘ole towel with a pretty fabric back. As I was thinking about it, I thought, why not make it a dragon and give it fins?? But what to do about eyes? Then it became a monster with fins and big googly green eyes and yellow teeth (because monsters don’t brush their teeth and the sugar bugs turned them yellow!)

The plus is I used materials I had, so new towel equals free! I had a towel that was really big and we hardly used it, an old sheet, scraps from the fleece dragon wings for the fins and scraps from the fireman costume for the teeth. And wa-lah, a monster hooded towel!

Working on the tutorial! And it doesn’t have to be a monster. What would you make? A shark… A ladybug…  Let me know!


  1. familyfirstmomma says:

    need to make my kiddos a towel asap…was just looking at a tut for a monster hoodie and trying to figure out how I could make it into a towel…lol

    I am a very basic beginner and so greatful for the tuts that are shared 🙂

    • lwackerman says:

      What funny timing! I just knew that I had written the tutorial for this, but then looked at it this weekend again out of the blue and noticed it said tutorial to follow… Oops. So I started working on it again this weekend. WIll try to finish it ASAP!

  2. This towel is adorable and affordable. They are larger too than I had at first thought. This would be a great Christmas present. My daughter has a frog one and hops around the house in it

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