A Busy Week

I don’t have anything crafty to show from my week… I have been busy though… Photographing some pieces to restart my etsy shop, which hasn’t been used in about 4 years now… Working on my patchwork tree for Quilt #3. The tree is almost done, can’t wait to applique it down! And I was constantly planning my Friday trip to the fabric/craft store!!!

Oh, and my submission to Oh, My! Handmade Holidays Gift Basket Giveaway was accepted!! I can’t wait to see all the other goodies. I’ll keep you posted on more details…

I put together a few of the things that inspired me this week.

1. I loved the hanging baskets from The Mother Huddle! I’ve always thought about making my own, but never have. We’re about to turn a room in our house into a playroom and there is a wall that can’t have furniture on it becuase of a heater. But hanging these storage baskets is the perfects solution! I never would have thought to hang them. I’m sure to make them now!

2. The girl on a swing from Raggedly Owl is just adorable… So inspired to make more sewn art!

3. The faux bois sheets from Boodalee, totally cool. I have been debating on the back side design for Quilt #3. A new friend from the quilting quild suggested using a faux bois fabric. I had looked for this fabric before but I guess the fad is fading, becuase it’s not all that easy to find. And it’s expensive, what I did find… So I thought, I’ll stamp my own. Now I want to stamp in orange! I think it will be really cool!

4. And lastly, this is touching. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I saw it. 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge So far the counter is only at 198,071. I’m going to help that number rise closer to 1 Million. Will you?