Come In WE’RE (da-a tis is) OPEN

ok, I’ve been saying I was going to do this for years. Re-open my Etsy shop! I opened it for a few months years ago, so I figure I’ll take another stab at it..

Yesterday I checked that off my list! I’ll be adding items, slowly, but surely…

For my da-a tis business I primarily make purses, totes and wallets embellished with freehand stitching. I also make what I call ghosties. Silly little plushie dolls that looked like ghosts when I made my first one!

So what started this whole thing??? Well, here’s the story if you’re interested… Years ago a friend asked me to make cushion covers for them. Big ones. Like 5′ x 3′, with a zipper. For some reason big scared me. I even moved and the big unfinished cushions moved with me. FINALLY, I made the covers. Um, super easy…. So I made a little pillow cushion out of the scraps for them. My husband said, you can sell those. So da-a tis evolved. First pillows, then totes, then purses and ghosties and baby blankets. Now wallets, too. The pillows and blankets are mostly custom orders these days.

So now ya know the history!

In Seattle? Want to buy really local? Check out the etsyRAIN street team, of which I am a member.