Sketchbook is Underway (and my first interactive piecing project)

I’m stilllllllll working on my tree for Quilt #3………….

I had to take a break! So I did. And I started my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. Totally inspired by the {Interactive} Piecing Group on Flickr, I decided that each entry into my sketchbook is going to be ‘sketched’ with fabric and sewn in the piecing style.


My sketchbook theme is Happy Thoughts. This is an image I have had in my head from a story my husband made up for our 2 year old. The story was about our son camping with his favorite stuffed animal Bow Wow.

I have a few more happy thoughts worked out in my head. It’s an easy theme to think about during this thankful and sharing season we’re coming in to! What happy thoughts are you thinking?


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