Have a Book that needs Wrapping??

Here’s a last minute tutorial for any of those books you’re wondering how  to wrap! The gift bags that I make, I love, but they aren’t great for the really flat items like books or calendars. So I came up with this gift wrapping technique.






Step 1-  Measure the books (or anything flat that needs wrapping). Be sure to overlap a few inches.

Step 2- Cut your two pieces of fabric.

Step 3- Pin ribbon to fabric. Pin the fabric about 1/2 inch to an inch from the top edge.

Step 4- Sew two pieces of fabric, right sides together. Leave a 2 inch hole in the side. I try to locate my hole on what will be the back of the bag.

Step 5- Pull the fabric through the hole.

Step 6- Iron the fabric bag. Layout the fabric to get the flaps overlap how you want them.

Step 7- Topstich. Start at the bottom corner and stitch around.

Step 9- Insert your book, pull the ribbon around the back and to the front. Tie your bow.

Step 10- Give that book to someone you love!


  1. How simple and stylish – plus you’ve got to love Dr Seuss!

  2. I am doing a book advent for myself (if I don’t no one will) this year, used, discounted, books and magazines by the time Xmas rolls around I will have little memory of the contents and I can donate them to the literacy community after. I was going to make plain “old” gift bags but now I can make these. thanx What a pretty visual all the bowed envelopes around the tree. And yes I fill my own stocking while filling my son’s I use my Mom’s “recipe” 3 pair socks 3 good pair of undies a chocolate orange for the toe and whatever other little treats I find through the year. A memorial of sorts and self care to boot. thanx again ….. Roxanne

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