Oh, Christmas Card, Oh, Christmas Card

Whatever am I to do with you???

Well, typically I’ve fallen into a Friday link love schedule, but this week I’m changing things a bit. Last weekend we cleaned and put away Christmas. Well, except for my Christmas Card scrapbook and my new pile of Christmas cards. I knew that there are cool projects out there to do with the old cards, so this week, I thought a project link love was in order today (hopefully before you have thrown away all your cards).

Last year I emailed all my friends about the St. Jude card recycling program, but then never mailed mine in… It’s a great idea, especially if you aren’t interested in making anything with your old cards…

But if you’re looking for another crafty project, I found some good ones to use with those cards you can’t bear to throw into that recycling can….

1. Holiday Card Gift Boxes from Martha Stewart. I’d like to get a package wrapped like these. And could be a good idea for an advent calendar!

2. I’m loving this garland by Bobbi from Bobbi’s Art

3. How cool is this star ornament from Jennifer Priest???

4. I’ve always loved blocks. But I never thought about making Christmas blocks….These, from Recaptured Charm, are great and you could substitute Christmas cards for scrapbooking paper…

5. And last but not least. My absolutely favorite idea!!! I am totally in love with these houses. Last year, Michelle, from Michelle Made Me, hosted a Tissue Box Challenge Project inspired by her tiny houses. If only I had found this then… But in addition to tissue boxes, these could also be made from…. yep, Christmas Cards!

I also mentioned my Christmas Card Scrapbook… I’ve always hated to throw away photo cards! So I had this pile that I’d ben saving. Then about three years ago I had another ah, ha moment and started a scrapbook of all my friends and family photo cards. This has been so much fun pulling it out each year and then looking back over the years of how my family has grown and my friends kids have grown. I have to start a new book for next year…

And off the subject, but on the same subject of photos…. I joined another group project! Azzari, of The Sweet Light, started a winter photo swap – an exchange beautiful images of winter. I discovered it late, or else I would have shared earlier so more could join in. I also signed up late…. Luckily she needed one more person! I am pretty sure I got my image to share already… More about this later!