Animal Hoodies

Yet another Christmas present that I haven’t written about yet! And I think there is one more to come…

A monkey and a dragonfly walked into a bar… I mean flew to Pensacola…. Sorry, as I was writing I reminded myself of one of those silly jokes….

I’m loving making cool things for my two new ‘nieces’ in Pensacola. (‘nieces’, as in best friends kids) Since I have a son and don’t have a need to make dresses for him, I now have two little ladies in Florida that I get to sew for! So much fun! (These aren’t dresses, but they are for them….)

I also have  a stash of fleece baby hoodies… A few years back I bought a bunch when I was on an embrodiery kick and never did anything with them, until NOW! I got them out again and made a pink monkey and a green dragonfly.

For the dragonly, I used scrap fleece for the wings, body and big bug eyes on top!

For the pink monkey, I again used scrap fleece for the ears and tummy and made a long pink tail. Unfortunately, the monkey looks a bit like a mouse. I think the ears are a little high. If they were lower it would look more monkey like!

Luckily the banana helps say, ‘I’m no mouse, I’m a monkey!’


  1. these are just adorable!
    NOW I see what you were talking about when you showed the picture of Maci to me!

  2. oh my goodness she looks so cute..i love the banana in the pocket. our hanna will make the monkey sound if you ask her whata monkey says..maybe i’ll attempt this one! so cute!!

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