Fabric Flower Link Love

I added another toddler dress to my To Do List (I’ll tell you about that later). I have the fabric, but I think it needs some fabric flowers. I did a little online research and found tons of fabric flowers. Here are some of my favorites:

1.  I love the look of these layered wool flowers on the headband by Delia Creates.

2. The bright colors and simplicity of these shown in Milky Supplies etsy shop totally caught my eye!

3. I loved the simplicity of this one from Prudent Baby.

4. How cute for the girlie girl! This pink flower by Simply Vintage Girl is so sweet.

5. Wow! Check out this one from Gone to Earth. Origami flower! A little more than I want to do for my dress, but very very cool!

6. Then I started thinking, maybe I’ll do a fabric yo-yo. I’ve seen them on quilts before and they can be pretty cool. I found a few tutorials for these, but this one by ZakkaLife was the easiest and most nicely done of all the ones I found.

7. And last but least. I love this one by spincushion! The tutorial is actually for a pin cushion, but I think it would be great as an embellishment to anything.

Oh, and did I mention that these are all tutorials?? A Fabric Flower Tutorial Link Love! After looking at all these, I have designed my own in my head…. I’ll give it a try and if it works, maybe, just maybe, I’ll add my own tutorial to the list!

Do you have any favorite fabric flower tutorials you use?