Celebrate the Boy 2011!

I’m really excited!!! I found this last year summer online, but missed it as it was going on in full swing. I was really hoping that I would remember it this year and I did!!

Celebrate the boy is a month long blog a thon by the ladies at Made By Rae and MADE about all things boys!!

It’s true, our little boy kiddos get the shaft when it comes to cool clothing options. You see it everywhere… Stores, the girls section is HUGE, the boys section…. little. Pattern books, everything girl. Boys patterns, well… not so much! This isn’t just about clothes, but I”m excited to see what everyone shares….

I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from last year. All of which our on my to do list on the side, but I’ll show you with pictures…


1. Mens Shirt to Boys Shirt from Made by Rae. I’ve been stockpiling shirts out of Dad’s ‘Goodwill’ piles for this project!

2. 90 Minute Shirt from MADE. Very cute. I think the 90 minute thing intimidates me though…. My son has a big head (Dad and son share hats… Need I say more….) so I love this shirt style. And it’s just adorable no matter what size head your child has!!!

3. The Slim Slacks for Boys from This Mama Makes Stuff. The girls get the skinny jeans, why can’t the boys have the slim slacks??? My buddy is still a bit on the short side, so I don’t know how they’d look on him, but I really want to try it out!

And I have contributed a few oldie’s to the pool, but I have a few new projects in the works…

What is your favorite thing to make the boys in your life???


  1. I love celebrate the boy. It is such a great concept.

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