Winter Photo Swap

Wohoo! I got my photo from the Winter Photo Swap  (by The Sweet Light) yesterday! I’ve been checking my mailbox daily  in anticipation of just this..

My partner was Alexandra from Romania and here’s the picture she sent me.

Unfortunately, my scanner doesn’t do the picture justice. I lost some detail… And man, this is a perfect photo of winter. Makes me want to bundle up and head straight to that spot of sun at the end of the trail!

Now with my pictures, I couldn’t decide. I’m absolutely horrible at making decisions…. I had seen the call for artists to participate in the photo swap and decided, nope, I can’t take on anything more this month. Then one day I was driving to work and the landscape was covered in fog and ice. Just a magical winter scene. So I pulled over, took some photos and emailed Azzari of The Sweet Light. I had missed the deadline to sign up, but I emailed her anyway, just to see. And lucky for me, she needed one more person! So, when it came down to it, I remembered another picture I had taken of some geese on a frozen lake. I tried to make a decision, but in the end just decided to send both…

Ok, after feeling the cold from those pics, I’m back to keeping warm in my sewing room this weekend and making some things…. To do list… Another baby present, a pillowcase dress with flower, a play mat, and two of my projects to share with the Celebrate The Boy crowd!  And a trip to the zoo was requested this morning…. Probably won’t get everything done, but I’ll see! What are your plans for the weekend???


  1. Hi Louise, so happy that you were able to participate! These winter images are gorgeous~

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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