Play Mat 2 with Rock Pillow Tutorial

This week and weekend I was at it again. Another playmat! Pretty much the same as the one before, you can find the tutorial to make your own here, but with a different background and different accessories. I’m really trying to play along with CTB, but this one was actually for our friend Kathryn. This desert island is meant to go under her palm tree and what inspired the whole desert island play mat thing in the first place. Her island included a monkey for the palm tree, a turtle, a lizard to sun on the rocks.

As soon as my son saw it he was very excited about the rock pillows! So I promised him that after the birthday party I’d make him a rock pillow for his very own. Since the very special nap seemed to elude us after the party, the rock pillow wasn’t made until after bedtime. But he was very excited to wake up and find his own rock pillow. Although he did ask for another one the size of a giraffe. And he was concerned because he didn’t have an island for his rocks… Desert island 3 will be on its way very, very soon!

Rock Pillow Tutorial

Ok, this has got to be the easiest thing I’ve ever made with a sewing machine…



Stuffing, I used polyfill, but with the irregular nature of this project this could be a good way to recycle a pile of old t-shirts or something like that for the stuffing.



Step 1: Cut 2 ovalish shapes. One larger than the other. Precision? Measuring Tape? Through it out the window for this project!

Step 2. Pin the larger circle to the smaller at the top, bottom, and 2 sides.

Step 3: Pin the rest of the fabric together, gathering between the 4 quadrants.

Step 4: Sew the two pieces of fabric together leaving a hole big enough to pull the fabric through. I left about 1.5 inches.

Step 5: Pull the fabric through the hole. Do not iron…

Step 6: Stuff the rock.

Step 7: Pin together the hole. I also pin the rock together a bit further back. It helps to  move it through the sewing machine. And stitch the hole closed.

Step 8: Can you pick which rock is the fabric one and which one is the real one???


  1. great! i totally love this!!!
    perfect place for all the animals my daugher owns.
    i really should make one for her…

    best regards, doro K.

  2. Emily Scott says:

    Hello there! I just wondered if you knew where you purchased the circular blue/water/sea thing underneath the rock pillow? Many thanks!


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