Super M!

My son wants his own island playmat. And he’s been after me everyday asking about his playmat….

Yesterday was a rough day. I needed to make something (for my own sanity) and I need to make my son something to occupy him while the play mat is getting made.

And wha-la it’s Super M!

The other day I saw this tutorial for a cape from Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts and loved it! I added it to my to do list right away. I must have been so excited that I added it twice….

It was amazingly simple. It took all of about 30 minutes. And if i hadn’t had to keep running upstairs, it might have been even quicker!

I started with a t-shirt from Dad’s ‘to Goodwill’ bag and a half hour later had a cape.


A little no sew velcro and a little no sew heat n’bond for the applique = no sewing machine required!

I love how the star and the M turned out! He wasn’t quite as excited. I asked if he wanted to go outside and fly like the other superheros and he said, ‘No, I can’t fly. I don’t have wings.’

And back to the play mat…. I got the backing fabric last night and the sand fabric. I have run out of pieces from my recycled stash for the sand. I still have water fabric from the others I had made. He loves it. We had to take the fabric into the bed for our before bed book reading…. Here’s a peek… Now I want more so I can cut the bubbles out and make bubble pillows….


What projects are your kids waiting on????