Salad Spinner Art

How exciting! This project is such a great idea. A few months ago, I saw the salad spinner art idea on The Artful Parent’s blog. I was super excited about it then. Almost ran right out to buy a salad spinner. But I didn’t have my Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (and I don’t go there without one) so I just told all my friends about the idea. One of them mentioned that the spinner shown had a flat bottom and the newer ones are roundier, so an older one would work best. Great observation, Jayde!

Then when I didn’t buy one instantaneously, I kinda forgot about it… That is until yesterday… We were on the search for a baseball bat for kiddo and went to Goodwill. I did a quick scan of the house wares and I found the one and only salad spinner. And it was the old flat bottom kind! Perfect! (And kinda dirty looking. My sweet husband didn’t say anything until I mentioned it was for an art project! Then he sighed a deep sigh of relief! He didn’t want a salad out of that spinner.)

We had a great time making spinny art or circle paintings as my son calls them! The 2.5 year old doesn’t really understand the ‘Don’t squeeze too hard’ idea, so we ended up with some thick globs of paint! But hey, that’s ok! My son loved spinning the spinner and opening it to see what had happened.

My favorite part was when he opened the lid, was super excited about the painting and then decided to add more paint. For some reason it hadn’t dawned on me to add more paint once we had already spun one… And he picked out the paint colors for each one. I’m pretty impressed….

My son usually wakes up and asks, ‘Where’s Daddy?’ and then ‘Can I watch TV?’ But this morning the conversation went a little bit differently… ‘Where’s Daddy?’ and then ‘Can we make more circle paintings?’ Then he said, ‘I know! We’ll make one circle painting, eat muffins, go to school, come home and make more circle paintings!’ Ahhh…. So excited that he loves making art!

Did you have any family art projects this weekend???

Since this project cost less than 5 buckaroos, I've linked it to the CSI weekly project link party!