Ahhhh… Caught up. Well, kinda.

Well, mostly, still a purse and 2 quilts to do… ok, and a huge list of other things to do. But there have been 3 projects sitting on my ironing board waiting to get finished and ….. They did! This weekend I got three projects off the table!

Project #1- Revise the almost complete sleep sack I found on a shelf!


I started this for my son about a year and half ago.  I guess, when I made this, I didn’t quite get the reversible clothing thing yet. So there were all these stringy seams after I washed it. Instead of figuring it out and making it right, I stashed it. Then the other day I found this is cool fabric sitting on the shelf, pulled it down and realized it was a 95% complete project just sitting on the shelf!

definitely not the most shining example of my handiwork. But can we at least call it a bit creative with the quick fix to make it wearable for someone???

I kinda felt like I was finding the Corduroy bear. The bear that had wanted a friend for so long, but was just stuck on the shelf with the other toys….. All he needed was a button. All my sleep sack needed was some trim. So I added some bias tape around the neck and armholes and it looks pretty cute.

Unfortunately, my son has way outgrown sleep sacks… But he has a pal, Baby O that is going to give it a test run. Finding this made me appreciate how much I’ve learned about sewing ‘clothes’ in just the last year or so!

Project #2- An overdue baby present…

The second project was a repeat, but I love it. Another baby gift package. One of my ‘ghosties’ and a hooded blankie from the Amy Butler book Little Stitches for Little Ones. I love the big floral fabric! From Joann’s… But the white fleecy, minky type stuff. Not such a fan. It got everywhere!

And with that is the handmade gift bag… Had to throw a picture of that in as well. There were a lot of posts in the blogosphere around Christmas for fabric gift bags, but don’t forget them the rest of the year!

Project #3- Monster Spray

And last, but not least… This one was also the quickest and easiest. A bottle of Monster Spray! A while back the ladies over at Prudent Baby posted a great printable for a bottle of Monster Spray. I saved and finally printed it and got it made. I had to alter the image just a bit in order to make it fit my teeny tiny bottle.  Just in time too… My son woke up last night terrified of monster dream.

I came home and tonight from work and my son was very excited. He had been spraying the Monster Spray al around the outside of the house. Hopefully, we’ll sleep peacfully tonight!

And man, what a feeling of relief getting those projects done. I feel like a weight has been lifted! I still have a huge list of things to do, but I think i always will. getting these projects done opens the door to move on to other ones.

Did you get anything crossed off your crafty to do list this weekend?