BunnyBaRoo- An Easter Bunny Tutorial

I have been making plushie dolls that I call ‘ghosties’ for years now and selling them around town. I wanted to make an Easter bunny and couldn’t come up with the design I wanted. Then a friend called one a bunny and I had another one of those ah-ha moments.

Does anyone remember Leo the Lop Eared Bunny??? It was one of my favorite books as a kiddo. I’d forgotten about him, until the other day. The picture in my head of the bunny I wanted to make had nice long droopy ears, just like Leo….

Here’s my version of Leo, also known as BunnyBaRoo by my son!


Fabric for the bunny

Contrasting fabric for the underside of the ear

Scissors of Rotary Blade


Pom Pom for tail

Buttons for eyes

Download the pattern here, Easter Bunny Plushie Tutorial

Step 1: Cut each piece. See pattern for more details.

Step 2: Sew together ears, right sides together. Trim corners at the tip of the ear. Turn right side out and iron.

Step 3: Sew together the head, right sides together. Don’t sew all the way around, about ¾ of the way around. Mark the ear opening. Cut in ¾” in from the seam and cut.

Step 4: Time to sew in the ears! The ears are meant to be folded over, fold the outer edges in so that they touch. Then insert into the holes you just cut. The underside of the ear will face out. I did a mock up in random colors because it was hard to see with the white on white. In the other picture, brown is the head, pink the outside of the ear and the blue represents the underside of the ear.

Step 5: Finish sewing the body. Sew from head to bottom of each side. Don’t sew the bottom. Leave a hole on one side. Ok, so I’m taking the picture and look at the bunny, but doesn’t it look like a Barbie Winter Evening Gown??? Maybe it’s just me….

Step 6: Turn the bunny right side out and sew on the eyes and tail.

Step 7: Turn the bunny back inside itself a bit. Pin on the bottom and sew pieces together.

Step 8: Turn bunny right side out, one more time. Pull it thru the hole you left on the side. Stuff the bunny and hand sew the opening closed.

BunnyBaRoo is a quick little guy to make. I think he took me a little over an hour, which includes the photo takin’ time…

And check the basket ‘grass’. Yep, fabric strips. Fabric strips from fabric I have, which is an upcycled sheet….  Just another simple idea.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and enjoy making your very own BunnyBaRoo!

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  1. One hour? Are you kidding me? It always takes me four hours (at least) to do anything. And the bunny is awesome with the loppy ears! Beauty!

  2. another really precious idea!
    What about those cute eggs??????

  3. This is so cute, Louise!

  4. Catherine says:

    Sorry for all my confusion, but I am still new at this… But, how or where are you sewing the ears in? Once you insert them through the hole, where exactly do you stitch it? Thank you!

    • OK, I’m going to try to describe, but let me know if this still doesn’t help! 🙂 In the picture of Step 3, you’d cut there along those purple lines. Then insert the ear, through the body, so just the seam allowance is sticking out of the head. Then you kinda have to fold the head flat and sew along the cut lines and edge of ear (keeping the seam allowance). It’s a little ackward! Does this help at all? It’s been a while since I made one, so I’m trying to get back in there mentally and try to describe it!!

      • Catherine says:

        I think that make sense, I’ll try tonight and let you know if I need more help:) I was sewing along the V and it just wasn’t working. Thank you! Btw- found the site recently and have really been enjoying it.


  1. […] first Easter project I made for the kiddo was the super easy Bunny BaRoo stuffy! He was pretty cute if I do say so […]

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