Map Quilts, The Third and Final Installment! More with Valerie Goodwin & The Quilt Give Away Winner

Well, here we are at the third and final installment of my posting about one of my obsessions, Map Quilts!

Thank you everyone that has stopped by my blog and left such wonderful comments about Valerie’s work. It’s been so much fun hearing from everyone. And sooo inspiring!

I thought I’d get Valerie to tell us a few things about the 2 quilts that have the most comments. The two top favorites are Labyrinth of the Hidden Goddess and City Grid V.

Welcome Valerie! Here’s what she has to say:

I love abstract art, architecture and maps. Both quilts are my way of working all those interests into my art.

The Hidden Goddess Quilt

An essay by Mimi Lobell called “The Buried Treasure — Women’s Ancient Architectural Heritage” describes “female centered” architecture of pre-historic times. Her article served as the genesis for a series of quilts inspired by Paleolithic and Neolithic settlements whose art and architecture was infused with female imagery.

I was inspired by a drawing I discovered of a neolithic settlement. The information about the settlement described a women centered society where the female goddess was supposedly a central figure of worship. If you look closely a the center of the quilt is a female statuary, hidden at the center of the labyrinth-like map. This quilt will be on the cover of the upcoming Spring Issue of “Studio Art Quilts Associates”.

City Grid V

This one In my opinion, is more abstract than many of my other quilts. The city “lines” or streets as well as the “shapes” or buildings are very organic. They grow out of the bottom of this piece where I created an abstract skyline of a city.

It was used as the cover art for a book published by Yale University Press. The book was called “Ordering the City” . 

I’m so excited that Valerie is going to be heading my way in September. She’ll be teaching three workshops at the La Conner Quilt Festival, Creativity in B&W, Favorite Places and Map Haiku. I sure do hope I can be there. But what class to choose???? Check out her event page to see when she’ll be near you!

and the suspense grows…  Who won the mini art quilt???

Drumroll please……

And the winner is….

Congratulations, Candy!

candy grisham Says:
April 10, 2011 at 4:41 AM e

I have loved Valerie’s work for some time. My favorite (today) is Labyrinth of the Hidden Goddess. I am trying to do everything I can to get to one of her classes this summer.
All the rest is done.
Thanks Candy


  1. Congratulations Candy….hope CAN make it to my workshop at QSDS! I am working hard to make it a creative experience!

  2. candy grisham says:

    I am beyond excited. I have an article about Valerie that I cut out from a magazine oh maybe 10 years ago and have been following her ever since. Thank you!

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