The Flickr Group on the Block

Readers keep telling me that they are going to make this or that project, so I’ve been wanting to start a flickr group. Well, today a reader told me that she had already made something!!

That was the motivation I needed to finally set up a flickr group for my blog’s projects!! Thanks, Allison!

image by zanastardust via flickr

So, please, if you’ve been inspired to make anything you’ve seen on my blog, please post your pictures in the new I’m Feeling Crafty Flickr group!

I can’t wait to see!!


  1. Well–I don’t have time right now to start a flicker account–but here is a link to my blog–where the header features the sweet bunnies, with more photos in the most recent post. One ear has already been re-attached (that’s what you get for putting extra long ears on a boy’s bunny–perfect for whipping around!) The kids Love them, and so do I! The sweet blue bunny fabric is from my oldests favorite dress when she was little, and the inner ear on the gold bunny is from the sling I used when my 9 year old boy was a baby. These cost me exactly nothing to make–all stuff I had around.

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