Why Hello There!

I keep saying, no more projects until after my exam….

Well… I’m not very good at keeping my word when it come to not making anything…

I’ve mentioned Katie Moon’s blog, oohmoon, before. She’s an amazing illustrator and has inspired a few of my projects. My advent calendar was the first one. Here’s my second. And the third will be coming up later (ahh, don’t you just love the suspense??)….

Each day, Katie posts an illustration that’s free for one day. This past week or so she has been posting portions of illustrations she’s using in a book she has made. These two illustrations are from her book that when I saw them, I immediately knew exactly what I was going to make with them!

I’ve been trying to make all of our friends birthday presents and holiday presents lately. But of course, I said no more making things… So our little friend Owen’s birthday was creeping up. We got him a pretty cool little truck toy, but that whole handmade thing kept whispering in my ear. Then I saw these illustrations!

I have a stash of little hoodies that I bought when I was on an applique kick. The applique kick passed fast and I am now left with a stash. They’ve come in handy though!

Owen is one of the smiliest little guys I know. He’s only 1, so he’s not saying too many words yet. But I totally see him flashing that big smile and saying, ‘Why Hello there!!!’ So I had to applique this to a little sweatshirt for him. It was just too fitting for our little cheery friend!

And who doesn’t love a coordinating gift tag???

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