2 Things I’m Obsessing About

I should be studying, but I’m obsessing about these two things instead….

First, this adorable ruffle dress tutorial by She Wears Flowers!

I saw this today or yesterday and can’t get it out of my head. I added it to my To Do List, but I just keep thinking about how cute it is. I’m supposed to be making two pillowcase dresses from these amazing pillowcases a good friend sent to me. The hem is a crocheted lacy piece. I’m wondering if the ruffle top would be too much, or if I could add the ruffle top…. hmmmm… I’ll have to get out the pillowcases and see….. (after my exam.)

Secondly, I want one of these Wood Frame Tents…..

1. Sunset magazine 2. image of PawsUp Resort via Sunset  3. image of El Capitan Canyon via Sunset 4. Sweetwater Bungalows

I saw the cover of Sunset magazine today and threw the magazine on my pile of groceries! We have a little campsite with a little trailer, but how cool would this wood frame platform tent be with a nice bed… ahhhh…. But of course, I don’t want to buy it, I want to make one. Big project for the summer, huh?? Can I do it??

I think the dress will be a bit more feasible than the tent… Has anyone else ever made a tent?

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