Kids Clothes Week Challenge is Coming

I’m so excited!!! I found out about KCWC last year just in time to participate. KCWC is hosted by Meg from ElsieMarley. She has some amazing kids clothes and projects that she shares in her blog. If you haven’t sen it, you should check it out.

 It’s one week (I’m sure you figured that out) where we commit to sew one hour a day for 7 days. Sewing clothes, of course, for our kids!  Or other people’s kids, but not your inner child and absolutely not your canine child.

I got so many projects done last September during my first ever KCWC. 2 dresses, a shirt, a pair of pants and my dragon wings! This year I might not get quite as much done as last year. I take my exam on the 9th!!! So kicking off a week of KCWC after that will be a nice celebration to getting that test out of the way…

I wanted to share a few of my favorite projects from last year.

1. This hat by Clementine’s Shoes is just beautiful. I need to make my son a sun hat for our upcoming beach trip!!!

2. These pants by ElsieMarley caught my eye! I love the star pocket, but I also love how comfy they look.

3. Man, I remember when I first saw this little shirt by U.K. lass in U.S., I was floored. Amazing details. Beautiful!

4. Aren’t these hats by Moth and Sparrow just the cutest little things???

5. I love this coat by Lindsay a. p.. It’s very cute, but the coolest thing about it is she made it for her son and daughter to both use.

6. The fabric of this dress by Fede Design Textiles is what first caught my eye, but upon closer inspection, the whole thing is just totally cute.

7. I don’t remember seeing this little monkey sweatshirt by Jolijou last year, but Seattle is cold right now, and I want one of these for me. right now…

Are you participating in KCWC this year? What’s on your list???