Takin’ a Break…

And not because I want to… I haven’t been crafty in ages and it’s killing me!

Crafty? Sewing? Studying Structural Systems?? Which one do you think I’d rather be doing???

Well, if you guessed crafty or sewing, you are right on! If you picked studying, you haven’t read much of my blog….

My exam is on the 9th. WISH ME LUCK, PLEASE!!!

For the next week, I have to say absolutely no crafting, sewing or blogging. I’ll be back, hopefully after I PASS this exam….

Until then, enjoy not studying for me!



  1. I am asking for prayers!

  2. After studying, and once you have a section down pat, reward yourself with a bit of sewing…you have to take a break anyway, and what better way to relax. Good luck on your exams, we all know you can pass them all with flying colors!

  3. Ooooh, I recognize those diagrams! Good luck, I hope you do well.

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