KCWC Day 1- Sweater Pants

I guess technically today is Day 2 of the KCWC, but since I sew at night and photograph everything the next day I’m sharing Day 1 on Day 2. and so forth and so on…. anyway….

Last night I turned an old sweater into some comfy pants for my son. Super easy….  And fast! I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. I had the sweater, but it got a hole in it, so I just knew I could something else with it. I think I might even add the hood to a t-shirt for a whole little lounge outfit!

I forgot the ‘before’ picture… Instead of the before picture, it’s a ‘here’s where it came from’ picture! And the after!

I could make a tutorial, but I think there are a bunch out there already. (and I’ve got sewing to do!) 

But here’s the quick lowdown… First off, I used another pair of pants for a pattern for the length and crotch length. Next, cut off the sleeves to the right length. The only other cut you need to make is down the seam of the sleeves, long enough for the crotch. Then sew the crotch together. I added a piece of fabric for the elastic cover. You could just turn over the top and sew in the elastic, but I just wanted a little something else.

And why did I put the contrasting fabric on the inside?? No idea. I wish I had put it on the outside… Oh, well….

My husband was not nearly as excited as I was about them. But hey, they aren’t going out on the town pants, there just hanging around the house pants.


  1. You are so clever! I love this!

  2. WOW! Now I recognize the sweater!
    What a darling and comfy idea!
    You are so smart!
    And Max is getting ready for his cover model debut!

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