KCWC Day 2- Shorts

Another pair of bottoms. This time they got a thumbs up from Dad!

This was just a simple pair of soft shorts made from the pants legs of an old pair of  Daddie’s pj’s.

The new experiment with these was adding a flat front. It worked, but this pair wasn’t the best fabric for a flat front. I could have used a bit of interfacing, but I didn’t.

I might do my own tutorial on the flat front one day soon… Until then, here’s a little idea of how I did it. First I ironed over the top hem and topstitched. Next I located the flat front area and pinned.  Instead of using one piece of elastic, I used two. I sewed the ends into the flat front edges. Then I added safety pins to the unsewn ends of the elastic to help pull it through. Then I sewed down the bottom of the top elastic casing, leaving an opening at the back to pull the elastic through. Then size your elastic and close the casing.

My projects for this season of KCWC aren’t very exciting, but… They are things we need. Things are crazy getting back in the swing of things after studying and then getting everything ready for our family vacation!

What have you been working on? Any KCWC projects?