Welcome Oohmoon and a Giveaway!

As you know from reading my blog, I’ve mentioned Katie and her oohmoon blog numerous times. She does an amazing piece of art every single day, then just gives it away! Gives it away for a day, but if you miss you it, you have to buy it. Pretty great deal if you ask me!

Yep, I’m at it again with another oohmoon.com project! I just love her artwork, so I’ve done a few projects using her pieces, including my advent calendar and  hoodie applique with gift tag. Here’s project Number 3!

Springtime Babes Wood Block Puzzle!


These blocks were inspired my some German blocks I had as a kid, and actually still do have!

I made them for my niece’s 1st birthday. They might be a bit old for a one year old, not quite age appropriate, but I got it in my head that I wanted to make these for her so I did… I remember playing with mine for years. Hopefully she will too! When I gave them to her, they were greatly appreciated!  Since I made these while on vacation, I didn’t have all my supplies. Including extra images of the puzzle to show them the puzzle that they would be solving! More to come on that one!

This week, Katie has graciously agreed to join I’m Feelin’ Crafty with an interview on Wednesday, an inspiration Link Love on Friday and a GIVEAWAY all week! I’ll also be posting a tutorial for the block puzzle this week.

OK, back to the Giveaway! Katie has graciously offered to give away a series from her blog! You’re choice! If you are a regular to her blog, but missed a day here or  there, this is your chance to get those that you missed. If you’re new to oohmoon, this is your chance to pick your most favorite series that she’s done so far!

Ready to WIN?

You have FIVE ways to enter! And be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

 1) Head to Katie’s blog and tell us which series is your FAVORITE !

2) Become a fan of Katie on Facebook.

3) Become a fan of Feelin’ Crafty on Facebook.

4) Subscribe to Feelin’ Crafty.

5) Share the Giveaway on your blog.

Winner will be chosen on Thursday, May 26 , 2011 at 9PM CST. Winner will be chosen using random.org and announced on Friday, May 27th.

I can’t wait to hear what your favorites are!!


  1. 1) the Fairytales have been my favorite 🙂

  2. I think the Forgotten Fairy Tales is my favourite, although Hoot Hoot is a very close second!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Ohh, favorite? I have the whole transportation series ready to go up on my walls, and it’s probably my favorite *for my train/plane/car obsessed little boy. For me? The numbers or the baby animals.

  4. I love the fairy tale series

  5. Hiya, I am really exited about this giveaway as there are a few pictures that I have missed.

    I love the ‘I Heart Baking’ series.

  6. Oh and I am a fan of Katie’s facebook page

  7. And your facebook page…

  8. And I have subscribed…

  9. And finally I have shared on my blog here…

    Ok I’m done 🙂


  10. Girl Fairy Tales or Noah’s Ark.

  11. I think I like the new beginnings AND the numbers series…can’t wait to see the alphabet series someday!

  12. Jeanine says:

    I love the baby animals series!

  13. Jeanine says:

    I’m a fan on Katie’s on FB

  14. I love the Noah’s Ark series… so cute!

    Side note… where did you find the blocks for this project? Also, did you put some kind of clear coat on top of them so your niece wouldn’t bite the paper off? I want to make these for my son’s birthday, but need a little direction 🙂


    • lwackerman says:

      I am working on the tutorial! Hopefully Thursday. I’ll also have to look up where I got them, I forget off hand.

    • Katie H says:

      We just did a craft at my MOPS group where we adhered pretty paper to the backs of glass tiles to make jewelery – we used Diamond Glaze. I imagine you could use something like that.

  15. Katie H says:

    I liked the Hoot Hoot! Owls series.

  16. Katie H says:

    I like Katie M on Facebook too!

  17. Katie H says:

    I just like Feelin’ Crafty on FB!

  18. My favorite is the Signs of Spring series.

  19. Adrienne says:

    My favorite series, by far, is the Nativity series.

    I love how fresh and spunky Katie’s art is, but also how loving and joyful the Nativity scenes are.

  20. Catherine says:

    I like the fairy tale series the best. I used several of them to decorate a reading corner for my daughter’s 1st grade classroom.

  21. Catherine says:

    I like Katie on Facebook.

  22. Catherine says:

    I also became a fan of Feelin’ Crafty on Facebook.

  23. ah – I had that same german puzzle as a child and LOVED it…I will have to keep an eye out for one like that for my son. and your puzzle is amazing!!!! wow! I am going to have to try it.

    My favorite series was the baby animals (but do I have to get my favorite since I already got those?) anyway, I loved that one and have the fox looking at me everyday.

  24. I’m a fan of Katie on facebook.

  25. I became a fan of feeling craft on facebook 🙂 I do love your other projects, thank you for sharing your skills

  26. I subscribed too…so where are the instructions? how do you make the blocks? did you just print out on cardstock and glue them to other blocks? pre-made?

  27. I blogged about it – here – http://parentplanet.info/?p=2408

    what is diamond glaze? I’ve heard of it before will have to search…

  28. My favorite have been the transportation series and the flowers. I would love the boys fairy tales or the numbers series as I missed a few and then lost them in a hard drive crash.

  29. I’m a fan of yours on Facebook. Thank you for the cool ideas!

  30. Fan of Katie’s on Facebook. This is fun!

  31. And now I have subscribed to your newsletter and I can’t wait to see how you made the blocks. Thank you for being so creative!

  32. I’m a fan of Katie on FB!

  33. I like you on FB too… already did!

  34. I subscribe!

  35. I love everything! Any of them would be great for my preschooler… or a baby gift!

  36. i love hoot hoot #4

  37. All the pieces are just so gorgeously done. I love the colors and just everything about it.
    My favorite is ‘Sign of Spring’ line and I’m going to ay specifically ‘Blossom 4’.
    But I truly heart so many.

  38. I’m like in TOTAL “Like” with Katie on FB

  39. I’m in ‘Like’ with you on FB


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