Wooden Block Puzzle, a Tutorial

Thanks everyone for your interest in the Block Puzzle with images by Katie from oohmoon!

I was going to do the tutorial on Monday, but didn’t want to take away from the Giveaway news.  And there were some questions, but I didn’t want to reply to too many and mess up the odds in the Giveaway random number picker! So, hopefully this answers everyone’s questions!


Mod Podge


Wooden Blocks


Exacto Knife

8×10 Printed Images

Step 1: Sand the blocks. I recommend sanding the rough sides of the blocks. Something to think about… On the first set of blocks I made, I rounded all the edges, not thinking about how it would affect the 2” pieces of each image. It made it slightly harder to get the images on just right. The second set I made, I just sanded the rough sides, not the corners and it made for much cleaner edges.

I ordered my blocks from Craft Parts. I priced around and based on the number I was ordering, this place had the best price.

Step 2: Paint! On my blocks, I painted 2 sides and have images on 4 sides. Since these were for such youngsters, I decided that at least two sides would just be a solid color puzzle!  You can skip this step if you are putting images on all 6 sides.

Step 3: Cut your images into 2” squares.

Step 4: Glue the image to the block using the Mod Podge. Tip… I laid mine out so that each block was oriented the same way, i.e. the green side was always at the bottom of the image. I just felt that it made it a bit cleaner looking. Will anyone else ever notice? I doubt it…

Step 5: I added a top coat of Mod Podge to protect the image from drips, etc. I also added the top coat to the painted sides for a more complete look.

And there ya go….  Just keep repeating for each side and eventually you’ll have yourself your own block puzzle.

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