Relaxin’ and Enjoying the Holiday!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!!

Our long weekend was actually closer to two weeks! We’ve been spending time with my family at the beach in the sun and warmth. The sun and warmth was much needed after a long dreary Seattle winter and Spring…

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to. Beach, Baptism, Parties, Friends, Crafts, Ferry Rides, Creatures….

Today we saw what looked like a snake, but is actually a lizard, a bat and a catfish and we never even left the beach house! We’ve seen alligators and dolphins, ducks, turtles, osprey, heron, crabs, and bugs….

One of my favorite things though has been sitting on our front porch, which is a screened in porch about 36 feet long and lined with rocking chairs, basically our living and dining room, crafting and listening to the waves. Wonderful! I’ll be sharing some of the crafts I have done soon. I was working on a quilt tonight that I’m excited to share and this morning I painted masks with my son!

I do have pictures of all my crafty vacation endeavors, but it’s time to relax.  I’ve been doing that very well so I thought I’d share that for just a little something different. Back to crafts after the holiday!

I hope everyone else has been having a great weekend. What have you been up to??

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