KCWC Day 2- Shorts

Another pair of bottoms. This time they got a thumbs up from Dad!

This was just a simple pair of soft shorts made from the pants legs of an old pair of  Daddie’s pj’s.

The new experiment with these was adding a flat front. It worked, but this pair wasn’t the best fabric for a flat front. I could have used a bit of interfacing, but I didn’t.

I might do my own tutorial on the flat front one day soon… Until then, here’s a little idea of how I did it. First I ironed over the top hem and topstitched. Next I located the flat front area and pinned.  Instead of using one piece of elastic, I used two. I sewed the ends into the flat front edges. Then I added safety pins to the unsewn ends of the elastic to help pull it through. Then I sewed down the bottom of the top elastic casing, leaving an opening at the back to pull the elastic through. Then size your elastic and close the casing.

My projects for this season of KCWC aren’t very exciting, but… They are things we need. Things are crazy getting back in the swing of things after studying and then getting everything ready for our family vacation!

What have you been working on? Any KCWC projects?

KCWC Day 1- Sweater Pants

I guess technically today is Day 2 of the KCWC, but since I sew at night and photograph everything the next day I’m sharing Day 1 on Day 2. and so forth and so on…. anyway….

Last night I turned an old sweater into some comfy pants for my son. Super easy….  And fast! I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. I had the sweater, but it got a hole in it, so I just knew I could something else with it. I think I might even add the hood to a t-shirt for a whole little lounge outfit!

I forgot the ‘before’ picture… Instead of the before picture, it’s a ‘here’s where it came from’ picture! And the after!

I could make a tutorial, but I think there are a bunch out there already. (and I’ve got sewing to do!) 

But here’s the quick lowdown… First off, I used another pair of pants for a pattern for the length and crotch length. Next, cut off the sleeves to the right length. The only other cut you need to make is down the seam of the sleeves, long enough for the crotch. Then sew the crotch together. I added a piece of fabric for the elastic cover. You could just turn over the top and sew in the elastic, but I just wanted a little something else.

And why did I put the contrasting fabric on the inside?? No idea. I wish I had put it on the outside… Oh, well….

My husband was not nearly as excited as I was about them. But hey, they aren’t going out on the town pants, there just hanging around the house pants.

Happy Mother’s Day

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I saw this printable this morning from Simply Montessori and loved it! I’ve already printed mine.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas!

Take a Moment for Alabama, Please

I have to take a break from studying and work to take a moment for my home state of Alabama.


Tornado Path image via C. Deason on Picasa

The news of the killing of Bin Ladin is huge news, I understand that.

But to me, the news of the devastation and recovery efforts of Alabama after the tornadoes that ripped through the state is huge news too. (I won’t go off on my tangent about the media today. Although I do keep typing my opinions and then erasing them. But that’s for another day… )

Please take a moment and if there is anything you can do to help, please do. I found this organization today, Give + Tuscaloosa.


In cooperation with the City of Tuscaloosa, the Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund has been established by the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization. The fund was created as a means for individuals and businesses to make tax-deductible contributions for basic human services and recovery efforts in the Tuscaloosa community and surrounding areas.

(If you do give to the Tuscaloosa Disaster Relief Fund and can send a check, please do. PayPal is unfortunately still taking in 2.2% on each transaction)

Although it’s called Give + Tuscaloosa, the aid services the greater Western Alabama Region.

Alabama Possible is listing tons of organizations that are taking not only financial donations, but food, water, and clothing donations through the state. 

Alabama has been through so much over the last 6 or years, Hurricane Ivan (the 10th most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded), Hurricane Katrina (yes, the widespread damage affected more than the New Orleans area), the Gulf Oil Spill and now this. Please pray that Alabama will be sheltered from further devastation in the years to come.

image via Diversion Design on Flickr

Takin’ a Break…

And not because I want to… I haven’t been crafty in ages and it’s killing me!

Crafty? Sewing? Studying Structural Systems?? Which one do you think I’d rather be doing???

Well, if you guessed crafty or sewing, you are right on! If you picked studying, you haven’t read much of my blog….

My exam is on the 9th. WISH ME LUCK, PLEASE!!!

For the next week, I have to say absolutely no crafting, sewing or blogging. I’ll be back, hopefully after I PASS this exam….

Until then, enjoy not studying for me!