98% Good News, 2% Bad News

First, lets start with the Good News…

Good News Part 1,


WooooWho!!! I can’t really believe that I’m done. When I started on my ARE testing journey (almost 5 years ago. yes, it took me that long…)  it was 9 exams, but I took so long they changed the testing procedures to 7 exams. So my process should have been 8 exams since I got stuck in the middle of the different formats and on top of that, I didn’t pass them all the first time. ANYWAY…. If you remember back just a bit ago, I had to try to stop being crafty to study. Well, it all paid off and I’m finally done!

I just have to summarize some laws and pay more and I’ll be a real life Licensed Architect!

The funny thing is that my husband realized it first. I just knew that I had failed my last exam. Would have bet money on it. But the night we got home from vacation, the letter was on top of huge pile of mail. I opened it and he started reading over my shoulder. The letter said, ‘Congratulations on completing the ARE….’ So my husband started cheering, ‘You passed! You’re Done!!!’ But I didn’t see where it said the oh so important words, PASS, so I kept looking. A bit in disbelief, I kept looking and looking. I finally saw the words PASS!! Then I started jumping up and down and crying! I don’t know why I didn’t believe the first sentence of the letter, but either way, I’m done. I no longer have to listen to that little voice in the back of my head saying, ‘You should be studying, not crafting or sewing or doing anything fun with your family!’

And since I don’t have that voice anymore, here’s my to do list…

Pick back up with my scrapbooks, starting with my wedding 5 years ago

Make a vest for my son

Finish 2 quilts

Make a bunch of pants/shorts for my son

Finish the fishing game I started

Update my blog design

Set up my husband with a blog

Design and Decorate my son’s playroom

Make a light Fixture for my son’s playroom

Learn to upholster

Paint our ugly Sideboard

Do a Little Landscaping

Decorate our Campsite (make it a ‘Glamp’site)

Make a Sandbox

I’m sure there’s more, but this will do for now….


Good News Part 2…

It’s a mini Celebrate the Boys week 

Hosted be Made By Rae and Dana Made It!

I almost missed it! I’m so glad I saw it so that I can get some Boys projects done that I meant to get done during Kids Clothes Week Challenge before I left for vacation. (The fabrics were all still piled up on my cutting table when I got back.)

Here’s a teaser….


What would you make with these fabrics??? You’ll find out tomorrow what I am making with them!

And this brings me to the bad news…

Party Time Posts are being Postponed…

I had mentioned that this week was going to start a couple of weeks of Party Posts… Well, I’m not quite ready and the Boys Week showed up, so I’m going to postpone the Party Posts for a week. But not to worry, they will come! They will come with interviews, giveaways, photos and tutorials!