A Summer Bucket Hat with Tutorial

Remember that old shirt and pile of scraps from yesterday’s teaser? Well, say Bye Bye… Those are no longer just an old shirt and a pile of scraps! They have come back to life as this adorable reversible summer bucket hat for the kiddo!

This was supposed to be completed before we went to the beach.. But it didn’t quite happen. I had planned to have it done and write you a tutorial, but…. So then I got excited about the Celebrate the Boy Summer Edition and decided this was going to be my first project! Imagine my surprise when it was Rae’s first project of the week too! I promise I wasn’t copying, just a funny coincidence!

I’m really excited about it! I made the pattern and figured out the process all by myself. Not that it’s a hard project at all, but… It came together just right on the first try. And it fits! Too bad I can’t get the little guy to model it for ya. He just wasn’t in the mood for pictures this morning. But we both agree that we like the plaid side best!

It’s so very simple, just a bit time-consuming with the pinning. (Honestly, I’m not a fan of pinning. I try to avoid it at all costs. But the perfectionist in me knows that sometimes the extra time is worth it!)

And the tutorial…

Summer Bucket Hat Tutorial






Step 1: Print the pattern. The pattern fits my 2.5 year old with a large head! I measured another of his hats (I always get confused about exactly where to measure his head, so I just measured a hat!) and got a circumference of 20.5 inches. Download the pattern here. Cut the fabric. The pattern includes a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Step 2: Sew the two sides together. Topstitching, optional… Repeat for the inside and outside fabrics.

Step 3: Pin the top to the sides, right sides together, and sew. Repeat for the inside and outside fabrics.

Step 4: Pin the rim to the sides, right sides together, and sew. Repeat for the inside and outside fabrics.

Step 5: Pin the two sides together, right sides together, and sew. Leave a hole to pull through. Notch the fabric to help it lay flat.

Step 6: Topstitch the edge of the rim. I continued with more top stitching. Lastly topstitch at edge of sides.

Done! Simple! Lovely! Are you ready for a picnic???

If you make one from my pattern, please be sure to add a picture to the Feelin’ Crafty Flickr page!


  1. Thank YOU!!!!!!! I have been searching for this and was just about to make my own, trying to figure out how to measure my 2.5 year old’s large head and then found you. Your pieces are just what I was picturing. THANK YOU. I have a crafting blog. When I’m done can I put up pics of what I did with a link to your tutorial giving you full credit? If not, no worries.


    • lwackerman says:

      of course! Please do show it on your blogwith the link! That’s awesome. Also, if you do flicker, upload it to our flicker page as well. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. thanks for this, i have almost made my first one…gotta make two tonight but my machine just stopped working

  3. Made one for my little great nephews second birthday. It turned out awesome. Don’t know how to share a photo. Making another one today for a little girl going on a wish trip to Disney!

  4. Hello many thanks for this pattern, amicalement Sylvie

  5. Danielle Munson says:

    Can I make this for a woman? Need for baseball I’m getting sun burned daily.

  6. Marilyn S Reid says:

    Thanks for all the pictures of construction. Makes the whole project much clearer to understand.


  1. […] hats for boys for our trip down to Disney. can now die in relative peace… (pattern, pics when I’m not […]

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