Seersucker Shorts and a bit of Stubbornness

I have to say I am so glad to have run across Celebrate the Summer Boy! Even though I had plans to quilt and make some pillowcase dresses, this was the perfect opportunity for me to actually make some of the boy things I have had on my to-do-list!

Last night I made these seersucker shorts for the kiddo!

I didn’t use dana-made-it’s tutorial for Kids Pants with Pockets (hence the stubbornness, but more about that later), but it did inspire these!

I wanted bright yellow pockets, but I didn’t have any yellow fabric, so we ended up with orange. Which ended up pretty cute!

So the stubbornness thing…. I don’t know why I am so stubborn. I don’t mean to be… I just am. Yes, I admit it, I’m stubborn. So last night as I was making these, I wanted to do the flat front, which I totally know how to do, but I confused myself…. Now how easy would it have been to just look up another of Dana’s tutorials, the Kids Pants with Flat Front, and read it??? But no, I went back and forth with a few different ways to do it before I finally settled on my way.

Oh, and back to the pockets. Again, the stubborn thing. I had seen Dana’s tutorial and wanted to make some. But I didn’t need a tutorial for the pockets. So what did I do??  I made the pockets my way last night and then went and read her tutorial today! hehehe….

Tonight I’m thinking about making more shorts or some ‘underpants’ as my son calls them. He’s still in diapers, but wants underpants. I’m taking that as a good sign. Any suggestions???