An Owlsome 1st Birthday Party!

Whoooo Whoooo had a bunch of fun helping with one of my best friend’s Baby’s Birthday party??? I did!!

Unfortunately, I live about 3000 miles away from some fo my best friends (and their babies) and my family. But…. Luckily for me, one of my ‘nieces’ decided to join us at the same time that we make our yearly trek home. (I’m convinced that she knew Aunt Louise was here and she was very excited to meet me!) Which means I got to see her just as she was a wee hours old tot and I get to be there for her birthday every year!

The birthday girl’s crafty Momma did the party planning and most of the crafty goodness, but I got to help with the favors and the photobooth!

I’ve been so excited to share the party with you!!

The stuffed owl favors were made by yours truly! Momma made the tissue paper pom poms using Martha Stewart’s tutorial. Momma also made the napkin rings, vases and cupcake toppers. Stay tuned for the how-to on the owl favors and vases later this week!

The birthday girl with Momma. And yep, she’s checking our her coolest present ever (If I do say so myself), a wood block puzzle made by me with the owl series from oohmoon!

And the Photobooth. It was a hit! Very fun!

But here’s a little bit of a  lesson learned… Photobooths with fabric backgrounds work better in front of a solid wall. Or should I say it this way… If you are having a birthday party with a photobooth on one of the most beautiful, bright sunny days ever and the sun will be coming down into your pavillion from all sides, opt for a non fabric backdrop or a very, very thick fabric backdrop!

Another fun tutorial on the mask making will be coming soon!

The day was such a fun day and all the details were so well done, thanks to a very special Momma who loves owls!

Cupcake Toppers by littlebirdieprints

Jo James Brown Owl Mask Printable via My Owl Barn

Colorful Owl Masks artwork from Oohmoon

And Tomorrow… More Party Fun! A guest interview with an awesome party planner, Brittany, from One Charming Party. And she’s graciously agreed to a Giveaway!!! Yea!! Come back tomorrow!


  1. Love this Louise! Just love it!

  2. Thank you Louise for all of the “owlsome” ideas and contributions you made to make Maci’s first birthday a blast! Most of my craftiness was based on your suggestions! The photo booth was so fun! You rock!!

  3. Az. Small Business Network says:

    Very cute, looks like you all had a GREAT time!

  4. This is so cute! We decorated our daughters room in owls. I think those face masks will make great wall decorations and a little fun! We’d love to have you join our linky party on Moms & Munchkins to share some of your party ideas:


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